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Isca is a Maraquan Aisha created on February 25, 2005 with the release on the Curse of Maraqua expansion in the Neopets TCG, and introduced to Neopets itself on March 15, 2006.


Isca is capable of seeing the future in her dreams, a power she shares with her twin sister Caylis, who sees the future in her nightmares. A friend of Garin, who she first met when they were both children, and met again years later during the events of Curse of Maraqua. Isca owns a giant Orange Gulper named Goregas which she had since childhood, and can call to it when in trouble. Calling out to him equals to her whistling.

Plot summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main Article: Curse of Maraqua

Isca and her sister Caylis were living in Maraqua at the time of its destruction. They were found by King Kelpbeard after the whirlpool ended, and taken to the refugee camp. Around this time, Isca and Caylis began to have prophetic visions - Isca in her dreams, Caylis in her nightmares. Isca's dreams helped the King prepare for the events which were to come, but Caylis' dreams always predicted inevitable disaster, giving her a reputation that she was behind the catastrophes. Caylis was banished from New Maraqua, while Isca was appointed to the palace.

While visiting the surface in defiance to King Kelpbeard's laws, she saw a young Garin hanging off a cliff. She began to dream of him, and how essential he would be to continue New Maraqua's prosperity. Years later, Isca dreamt of Garin being lost overboard The Black Pawkeet as Captain Scarblade took it, and was able to save him from drowning by providing him with a magical necklace, which allowed him to breath under water. She then took him to New Maraqua to keep him safe, and tried to convince him to give up the life of a pirate. He refused, and, realising he couldn't stay in New Maraqua, she lead him safely to the surface. As Garin swam off, Caylis appeared, who scorned Isca for having people to care for her and the luxury she had in New Maraqua due to her gift, which only brought pain to Caylis. They parted ways, and Isca went back to Maraqua with a heavy heart.

Later, Isca dreamt of The Revenge attacking New Maraqua, and of Jacques who was kidnapped by The Drenched. Seeking Garin out in order to help her stop Captain Scarblade, they set out to the ocean to free Jacques with the aid of Goregas, whom she called. While Garin distracted The Drenched, Isca freed Jacques, who took with him a potion concocted by the Water Faeries to allow him to breath in the ocean. The fought with The Drenched to escape, and made their getaways when the The Chasm Beast, hearing Isca's call to Goregas, arrived on the scene. While The Drenched were occupied with the Beast, Garin and Jacques returned to the surface while Isca returned to New Maraqua, saying they were needed for the coming conflict. Upon her return to the city, King Kelpbeard forced her to stay in her room for the safety of the kingdom, as her dreams were too valuable to lose.

When Garin swam to New Maraqua in order to warn King Kelpbeard of Captain Scarblade, he was captured, and upon finding out it was Isca who lead him to the city, the King had her banished as Caylis had been. Outside the city when the pirates' invasion came, Isca sought the help of Caylis to defend the kingdom, only to have her refuse due to them both being banished. Garin, who managed to escape, arrived, shortly followed by his crew and Goregas.

Isca lead this force charging into battle against he pirate horde - which by now were up to the gates of the city itself. Jacques and Caylis sought for reinforcements, and Caylis helped to turn the battle with a potent magic she was capable of controlling - an ability Isca was unaware her sister had.

After the battle was won, Isca was welcomed back into New Maraqua, but she demanded the banishment of her sister revoked. Caylis refused to return despite her service to Maraqua, complaining that she did not belong in the city. Isca tried to convince Garin one more time to remain and live in luxury, but Garin was not ready to give up the life of a pirate. Isca, irritated, called him "incorrigible", but he promised to return in the future as he climbed aboard The Black Parakeet, leaving his magical necklace floating on the surf.


  • As of March 2, 2007, Isca is featured in 20 different items.
  • In Isca's Neopedia article released on August 26, 2005, it said her age was 17, which may not be her current age today.
  • While Isca says she can tell the future, the events of the Curse of Maraqua would never had occurred if she hadn't helped Garin, which would make it a self-fulfilling prophecy: she rescued Garin to help Maraqua in an incident caused as a result of her saving him.

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