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Swordmaster Talek shows off his skill with his Maractite swords.

Swordmaster Talek is a Maraquan Draik and the master-at-arms and chief of security for King Kelpbeard's army. During the events of the Curse of Maraqua plot, he helped King Kelpbeard lead the Maraquan army in the fight against Captain Scarblade's pirate crew.

Talek is extremely brave and fiercely loyal to Maraqua. He has a love of battle, and he has never backed down from a challenge. Talek is a master swordsman, and he is highly skilled in the use of Maractite weaponry. During the time of Maraqua's reconstruction, Talek trained many Maraquans in the art of battle in order to bolster Maraqua's defenses in the event of another attack.

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

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Talek learns of Garin's plan.

During Garin's first visit to Maraqua, he overheard Swordmaster Talek demonstrating the use of Maractite weapons to a group of Maraquans. Seeing the value these unusual weapons, Garin decided to steal a Maractite dagger from Talek's supplies. He was successful in this task and managed to slip away unnoticed.

During the battle between the Maraquan army and Scarblade's pirtate crew, after the pirates had breached the city walls, Swordmaster Talek informed King Kelpbeard that the pirates had gained the upper hand. Upon hearing this, King Kelpbeard ordered Talek empty out the city's armory in order to ready Maraqua's third battalion. Talek obeyed his king's command and then he personally lead the third battalion out onto the battlefield.

Later, Jacques and Caylis were able to reach Swordmaster Talek and tell him about Garin's plan to launch a surprise attack on the pirates. Talek used this information to reposition his troops in order to catch the pirates in the middle of a pincer movement. Talek then offered a Maractite sword to both Jacques and Caylis. Jacques accepted, but Caylis refused, opting to use her magic to fight instead.

When King Kelpbeard decided to personally join the fight, Swordmaster Talek and his men protected the king as he made his way toward Scarblade's ship. Once there, King Kelpbeard fought Scarblade one-on-one, ultimately defeating the pirate captain and forcing him and his crew to flee. Talek asked King Kelpbeard if he should pursue the retreating pirates. Kelpbeard responded that it would be best to let the pirates escape since they would never pose a threat to Maraqua again.


Swordmaster Talek was a Battledome opponent that was available to Pirate Warriors during the Curse of Maraqua plot. He was the easiest opponent during the fourth wave of challengers that was released on June 1, 2005. Users received 12 plot point every time they defeated him.

Talek bd.gif
Swordmaster Talek
Difficulty: 80 Starting HP: 80
Arena: Dome of the Deep Released: June 1, 2005
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Curse of Maraqua plot

Battle Faerie Dual Swords
Battle Faerie Shield
H4000 Helmet
Jade Scorchstone
Magtile Staff
Nova Blade
Taleks Ornate Scimitars
Thyoras Tear


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