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"In olden times of war this magical creature was said to help inexperienced pets learn to defend themselves, and, on rare occasions, teach the strongest ones a lesson they would never forget."

Aethia is the current Battle Faerie, leader of the army of Faerieland. She is a champion of justice, and may teach Neopets how to defend themselves if the player can complete one of her quests or visit her in the Battledome. She is the shopkeeper of the Faerie Weapon Shop.

She became the Battle Faerie when she recovered the Swords of Ice and Flame, hidden by the previous Battle Faerie Valeane when she was unable to defeat the Dark Faerie Fiona. The Swords are inscribed with a riddle that their wielder must solve to use their power. She rides a Uni or an Eyrie, the Battle Uni or Battle Eyrie, into battle.

Aethia's Ability Academy[edit]

Following the revamp of the Battledome in 2012, the existing Faerie Abilities were removed and replaced in 2013 with a new set of abilities that can be earned, and are awarded by Aethia based on the Neopets level and the number of Bottled Faeries they have released.


  • The Battle Faerie was featured as the Random Theme in the New Features on November 24, 2004, and December 14, 2005.
  • A Battle Faerie avatar was released on November 24, 2005. Randomly awarded on the Winner page after winning a fight in the Battledome.

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