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Need sources[edit]

Just some data i wanted taken out because they aren't sourced.

The Battle Faerie can take on many guises and is just as happy on land as in water. She mainly adopts this appearance when visiting secretive sea creatures such as the Peophin and the Kiko.

The Battle Faerie's trusty steed, Legacy, is rumored to have once been a normal Uni, but in return for its loyalty the Battle Faerie transformed him into the splendid Stallion he is today. When the Faerie is traveling long distances across strange or dangerous lands, you may see Legacy in battle mode, decked out in his almost impenetrable armour. If you see him or the Battle Faerie in full armour, be very wary. This means she is ready to fight and even her sparring blows can seriously damage an unarmed pet.

Should the nessesary sources be found, they can return to the article. Also, it would perhaps be a good idea to look through the history and see how and way some of this data was added. --Jacob 16:18, 5 Jan 2007 (CST)

This came from a page that used to be on all about the battle faerie... I recognise it... [1] is a transcription of some of the page, I think... None of the images though... The faerie crossword and the old game Lenny trivia have/had questions on Legacy. --Macbeth 16:26, 5 Jan 2007 (CST)

More items added by on 02:25, 24 Feb 2007...

But there could very well have been hundreds of thousands of others before them.

This refers to the possibility of their being more Battle Faeries in the past. This is redundant information and didn't need to be said again. But the next one...

As soon as a young faerie named Aethia heard the news she wanted to be the second known battle faerie herself. She thought she would then be loved by all and all Neopians would ask for her pretection. She did become the batle faerie but she did not have all she thought about and/or desired. Aethia sometimes wishes she were no longer the battle faerie but even so she cannot undo what she has done. She must accidently make the same mistake of that of Valeane. But most likely that will not happen any time soon for Aethia is infact very wise.

None of these thoughts and feelings Aethia supposedly had is pulled from a reliable source as fa as i know. The ONLY true source on Aethia is from her Neopedia article. If this was pulled from another reliable source, please share. --Jacob 03:41, 24 Feb 2007 (CST)