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Kayla from the Gallery of Heroes

Kayla is an ambitious young Red Zafara and one of Meridell's heroes. She is a great admirer of Kauvara and always eager to pretend that she is the great potion-maker when playing NeoQuest I. It was not long after accidentally stumbling into Meridell that her potential magical abilities were realised. Eager to prove herself useful, she spent her time studying and experimenting with potions. Her hard work eventually paid off during Lord Kass's reign of terror and she is now considered to be Meridell's leading alchemist and magician.

Currently she has set up shop in Meridell castle where she sells a wide variety of potions that serve many purposes, from healing diseases to enabling flight.

Plot summary[edit]

Champions of Meridell[edit]

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As her magic was still in the early stages, the best example of Kayla's budding powers were shown when the three Darigan minions attacked the castle in Chapter 6. The rest of her involvement in the plot is not known in detail though it can be assumed that she actively participated in the war against Lord Darigan.

Battle for Meridell[edit]

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Now an accomplished potion-maker, Kayla was instrumental in King Skarl's ground attack on the Citadel. Thanks to an enlargement potion she concocted, the supersized Turtums equipped with catapults on their shells proved to be an effective counterattack to Lord Kass's large war machines. Without the aid of Kayla's potion, Meridell would have surely fallen to ruin.


  • As of January 2007, there are 20 items featuring Kayla.
  • In the Neopets TCG Kayla is affiliated with the element of Water.
  • Her name used to be Kaelyn as shown in a past editorial. Reason for the name change is unknown.
  • She had a brief appearance in the retired game Meriball.
  • The current default Zafara petpage has a small section dedicated to her.
  • Kayla was inducted into the Gallery of Heroes on October 21, 2004.

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