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Mystical Surroundings is a shop located in Qasala which sells Neopet backgrounds for Neopets Customisation. Its NC Mall counterpart is NC Mall Background Shop. It opened on September 12, 2007.


This section documents a list of items sold in a shop.
This list may become incomplete as the shop releases new items.
  • 8th Birthday Celebration Background
  • A Grey Day Background
  • Altador Sun Background
  • Artist Studio Background
  • Birthday in the Park Background
  • Bone Vault Background
  • Brightvale Books Background
  • Broken Stained Glass Window Background
  • Bubble Paper Background
  • Buzzer Hive Background
  • Cardboard Box Background
  • Checkered Background
  • Cheese Shop Background
  • Citrus Background
  • Classroom Background
  • Cloudy Sky Background
  • Colourful Towel Background
  • Corn Field Background
  • Courgette Field Background
  • Creepy Cave Background
  • Creepy Darigan Citadel Background
  • Crumpled Paper Bag Background
  • Doodle Graphing Paper Background
  • Dreamy Pink Hearts Background
  • Dung Cave Background
  • Faerie Painted Background
  • Field of Grass Background
  • Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry Background
  • Polka Dotted Pink Background
  • Pretty Floral Background
  • Pretzel Background
  • Raining Doughnuts Background
  • Raspberry Patch Background
  • Rocky Ocean Background
  • Rubbish Dump Background
  • Shearing Room Background
  • Shell Beach Background
  • Silver Glitter Background
  • Sketch Painted Background
  • Split Painted Background
  • Square Mania Background
  • Starry Blue Background
  • Starry Green Background
  • Starry Red Background
  • Starry Yellow Background
  • Swashbuckling Academy Background
  • Tyrannian Concert Hall Background
  • Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background
  • Underwater Background
  • Underwater Net Background
  • Used Bubble Paper Background
  • Waffle Paradise Background
  • Wheel of Misfortune Background
  • Winter Landscape Background

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