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Neoschool is a feature that was in the stages of creation since at least the year 2002. The concept would be that users could take their Neopets to school, where they get an overall education from teachers in many different fields. Just like school in real life, the user could choose the classes their Neopets go to, and even receive a report card on their progress.

Various updates on Neoschool via the New Features continued until October 29, 2004 when TNT confirmed through that week's Neopian Times editorial that Neoschools would be put on hold with the promise that it might be continued later. In the Neopets Play Station 2 game, The Darkest Faerie, there is a headstone in the werelupe graveyard that reads “Neoschools”. This easter egg is confirmation that Neoschool will not come to be.

The Classes[edit]

The classes and teachers that were planned to be the core of Neoschools are detailed below:

  • Basic Mathematics - Taught by Dr. Ballard, the first part of the term covers basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All Neopets are required to know their times tables by the end of half-term. The lessons become more challenging during later courses when Dr. Ballard progresses to formula and shape.
    • Final Exam - 9th day of Celebrating
  • Starting Science - Taught by Mr. Noakes, the first part of the term is spent learning about weights and measurement. There is a field trip to Meri Acres Farm where Neopets learn about petpets and crops, such as potato and turnip farming. After half-term there is a school science competition where one student can win their own microscope.
    • Final Exam - 11th day of Celebrating
  • Grammar and Language - Taught by Mrs. Owens, students are expected to bring their own supplies to class, and any student without a pencil and paper are sent home immediately. The entire term covers sentence structure and the use of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns.
    • Final Exam - 8th day of Celebrating
  • Learning Art - Taught by Mr. Lupid, students learn about the use of shape and colour. The term starts with finger painting and progresses to charcoal sketches and pencil drawing by the end of half-term. The second half of the term explores the use of textiles and clay, and there is a school art competition with Neopoint prizes.
    • Final Exam - 12th day of Celebrating
  • Simple Spelling - Taught by Miss Matthews, the class teaches students common spelling mistakes and how to avoid them. Simple rhymes and ditties are taught to Neopets so they can spell almost anything correctly if they try hard enough.
    • Final Exam - 12th day of Celebrating
  • Potion Brewing Basics - Taught by Mr. Leer as one the most advanced classes, Neopets are taught the basic components of spells and where to find the ingredients. One third of the class is spent doing practical experiments, and the purchase of an apron is recommended. The second half of the term includes a guest lesson taught by Kauvara.
    • Final Exams - 10th day of Celebrating
  • Physical Education - Taught by Miss Stryke, Neopets are taught a variety of sports designed to promote ball skills, balance, proper breathing techniques and team spirit. A ski trip to Terror Mountain is planned during the latter part of the term.
    • Final Exam - 9th day of Celebrating
  • Early Neopian History - Taught by Mrs. Green, the class gives a brief overview of life in early Neopia, exploring such questions as "Where did Neopets get food before the shops existed", "What did the first houses look like", and "When did Neopoints get introduced".
    • Final Exams - 11th day of Celebrating
  • Basic Geography - Taught by Miss Stryke in the term after Physical Education.
    • Final Exams - ?


  • Due to the fact there hasn't been any news of Neoschool in a long time, there has been debates if it will ever be released. This idea is strengthened in the video game Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, where the word "Neoschool" appeared on a grave tomb, perhaps signifing the idea of Neoschool is officially dead.
  • The page detailing the Neoschool classes was released on September 5, 2004.
  • Mr. Lupid's Neopedia article was released on November 6, 2003.
  • Neoschool was mentioned in the October 6 2014 Daily Puzzle Question. The question was "What can you buy supplies for, but not actually do?" The answer was "Neoschool".

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