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Key Quest power-ups are virtual cards in the game Key Quest that grant players specific powers within the game. In general, using a power-up either aids the player in winning the game or prevents the player's opponents from doing the same. Power-ups can be obtained by passing or landing on a power-up square or by winning a mini-game or duel. Each power-up can only be used once, and it disappears after it is used. Players are allow to carry up to three power-ups at one time. If a player has three power-ups and they acquire another, they may discard one of their stored power-ups to make room for the new one. There are a total of 25 different power-ups in the game of Key Quest, each of which has a unique effect.

Available in all games[edit]

These power-ups appear in all Key Quest games:

KQPUBattleDice.jpg Battle Dice:
You could win, but you could also lose. Don't take a duel lightly!

Using this power-up initiates a duel between the player and an opponent of their choice.

KQPUBootsOfFlight.jpg Boots of Flight:
These boots will carry you far, if you know how to use them.

The player gets to roll two dice instead of one.

KQPUDistractionPotion.jpg Distraction Potion:
If your opponent drinks this, they'll never notice your treachery.

The player gets to trade one of their keys for a key of their choice from an opponent of their choice.

KQPULintBall.jpg Giant Lint Ball:
With this in your pocket, nothing else will fit!

The player choose an opponent; the chosen opponent will be unable to collect keys or power-ups during their next turn.

KQPULoadedGummyDice.jpg Loaded Gummy Die:
It always lands on the number you choose, as long as no one eats it first.

This power-up allows the player to choose the value of their next dice roll.

KQPUMisdirectedCompass.jpg Misdirected Compass:
Its previous owner went missing. Now you know why.

The user chooses a player; the direction that the chosen player is traveling is reversed. The player is allowed to use this power-up on themselves.

KQPUMortog.jpg Mortog:
Luckily, use of this Power-Up does not require the kissing of any Mortogs. That's a relief.

The player chooses an opponent and then is transported to the space one space ahead of the chosen opponent.

KQPUPocketPortal.jpg Pocket Portal:
You'll find this power-up most handy for getting around the board quickly. Also, portals are just really fun to use. WHEEEE!

The player will be automatically transported to a portal space of their choosing.

KQPURainbowFountainWater.jpg Rainbow Fountain Water:
Who knew Rainbow Fountain water worked on keys?

The player can change the color of a key of their choice belonging to a player of their choice. The player is allowed to use this power-up on themselves.

KQPURainbowStickyHand.jpg Rainbow Sticky Hand:
All you have to do is swing it. The sticky hand will do the rest!

The player can steal a single power-up of their choice from an opponent of their choice.

KQPUSpareKeyring.jpg Spare Keyring:
It's always good to have a spare!

The player will steal all except one key of each color from an opponent of their choice. For example, if the player uses this power-up on an opponent that has 3 green keys, 2 red keys, 1 blue keys, the player will steal 2 green keys and 1 red key.

KQPUTornadoRing.jpg Tornado Ring:
Use this power-up at your own risk. It's highly unpredictable!

The player chooses a player; the chosen player's power-ups are replaced with new, randomly-selected power-ups. The player is allowed to use this power-up on themselves.

KQPUTransportHelmet.jpg Transporter Helmet:
It might look like you have a toaster on your head, but this helmet can come in handy.

The player can switch places on the board with another player of their choosing.

KQPUVirtudice.jpg Virtudice:
Mad scientists bent on Neopian domination get all the coolest gadgets.

This power-up will ensure that the player rolls a six during their next dice roll.

Available in 3- and 4-player games[edit]

These power-ups only appear in games with three or four players:

KQPUBottledQuickSand.jpg Bottled Quicksand:
Even Lost Desert residents should fear this power-up - after all, no one likes getting sand in their pants.

The player chooses an opponent; the chosen opponent loses their next turn.

KQPUCatapult.jpg Catapult:
And then he said, 'Get in! I promise this won't hurt one bit.' Never trust a Darigan Skeith.

The player chooses a player; the chosen player is sent to their home square. The player can use this power-up on themselves.

KQPUKeyGrabber.jpg Key Grabber:
Made especially for stealing keys, or scratching your back, although the former is probably more helpful.

The player gets to steal a key of their choice from an opponent of their choice.

KQPUDung.jpg Pile of Dung:
Anyone who stumbles across this will surely stop dead in their tracks. It's not every day that dung can be this useful.

The player chooses a space on the board and places dung on it. No players can pass this space on their next turn.

KQPUPocketMini.jpg Pocket Mini-Game:
Who knew mini-games could fit in your pocket? How handy is that?

Using this power-up starts a randomly selected mini-game.

Available in 4-player games only[edit]

These power-ups only appear in 4-player games:

KQPUGiantRockMote.jpg Giant Rock Mote:
Motes are normally soft and sparkly. Unfortunately, this one isn't.

The player chooses a direction to send the mote. The mote will then move 15 spaces in the chosen direction. Any players that are hit by the mote will lose their next turn.

KQPUSwapKeyRing.jpg Swap Keyring:
"Key, look over there!" Now's your chance! No one's looking!

The player gives all of their keys to a player of their choice and then receives all of the chosen player's keys in return.

Super power-ups[edit]

These power-ups can only be obtained by landing on an alignment square that matches that of your token:

KQPUSuperBootsOfFlight.jpg Super Boots of Flight:
Fly farther than ever before... that is, if they stay on your feet.

The player gets to roll three dice instead of one.

KQPUSuperCatapult.jpg Super Catapult:
Twice the fun of a regular catapult, yet only half the accidents!

The player chooses two players; both of the chosen players get sent back to their home squares. The player can use this power-up on themselves.

KQPUSuperKeyGrabber.jpg Super Key Grabber:
33% more grabby than the regular Key Grabber.

The player gets to steal two keys of their choice from an opponent of their choice.

KQPUSuperPileOfDung.jpg Super Pile of Dung:
If you thought a regular pile of dung was bad, you'll never want to come across the super version.

The player chooses two spaces on the board and places dung on them. No players can pass these spaces on their next turn.