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Pronunciation: marr-ack-qwa
Released: October 6, 2000
Yooyuball team: Team Maraqua
New Maraqua · The Ruins Of Maraqua

Maraqua is an underwater kingdom discovered by Professor Chesterpot during the Hunt for the Battledome plot. The first kingdom, Old Maraqua, was discovered on 6 October 2000, but destroyed by a whirlpool on 18 August 2001, leaving only ruins. The survivors founded a new kingdom that was discovered in March 2005.

Visually, Old Maraqua's structure was very different from New Maraqua's. Old Maraqua was built out of transparashield, and had the look of a futuristic ocean colony. The smooth, bubble-like windows seemed to imply that there was an atmosphere inside the buildings. New Maraqua has a coral-like appearance, is made out of Maractite, and is open to the oceans.



Shops: Collectable Sea Shells, kelp, Maraquan Battledome Items, Maraquan Petpets
Games: Jubble Bubble, Petpet Plunge

In addition to having shops selling maractite weaponry and furniture, Maraqua is also the sole supplier of collectable Sea Shells. There is a shop selling Maraquan Petpets - different Petpets from those that were sold in Old Maraqua and are now being sold on Mystery Island.

The restaurant kelp, much like the Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island, sells highly priced meals. It is frequently very busy, making entering the restaurant difficult. An avatar can be earned from it.

Maraquan Ruins[edit]

The current ruins of Old Maraqua
Games: Attack of the Revenge, Whirlpool
  • Bubbling Pit: This area contains a gallery of all the possible Neopets who can have a Maraquan version.
  • Colouring Pages: This area contains Maraquan themed colouring pages.
  • Underwater Fishing: Players can fish for items here.


Old Maraqua[edit]

Captain Dread.
Main article: Hunt for the Battledome
Main article: Destruction of Maraqua

Maraqua was first discovered on 6 October 2000 by Professor Chesterpot while he was trying to rediscover the Battledome. It was the site of a battle between Chiazilla and MechaChiazilla.

The original incarnation of Maraqua was destroyed by a whirlpool on 18 August 2001. It used to be home to the the Underwater Kitchen Quests, later relocated to Mystery Island, and Aquatic Petpets, most of which were redesigned and are now being sold on Mystery Island. It also used to sell Utility Fish and Aquatic Foods items, which are now all retired.

The whirlpool followed a Flash movie released the previous day, in which the Pirate Captain Dread, a skeletal Kiko, sailed to Maraqua in a submarine. He demanded his annual 'protection money' from King Koi, the then King of Maraqua, who refused to pay (giving reasons such as a 'poor Kelp Harvest'). From the tone of this conversation, it can be assumed that Captain Dread regularly came for this money. The whirlpool is believed to be the result of a curse from this Pirate. The whirlpool, ten miles wide, lasted until the 31 May 2002, where is finally subsided to reveal the Ruins of Maraqua.

The old look of the Maraqua ruins

After the whirlpool ruined the city, the Ruins began to be populated again, first by a gigantic Slug Monster, then by a Mysterious Statue, then by a Bubbling Pit (listing all the available Maraqua-coloured Neopets), then by an Underwater Fishing area.

New Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua

King Kelpbeard set about building a new, more splendid city. He kept its existence a secret to protect it from those that would do it harm. However, news of its existence got out when Isca saved Garin's life. Captain Scarblade and his pirates set out to destroy New Maraqua, but were defeated by Swordmaster Talek's Maraquan army and Garin's pirates. This lead to Maraqua opening their doors to the public again.


Main article: Team Maraqua

Maraqua is a middle tier team that has tried but failed to get into the top tier. This team has a bright future and will hopefully hoist the cup.


Main Article: Maraquan

Maraquan is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. Maraquan pets resemble underwater creatures, both real and mythological. The Maraquan colour for Neopets was released on June 17, 2003, and the Maraquan colour for Petpets was released on April 21, 2004.


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