Destruction of Maraqua

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Early investigators were unable to find any survivors.

On 18th August 2001, the largest whirlpool even seen in Neopia caused the destruction of Maraqua.

This came the day after the King of Maraqua, King Koi, had an ignored ultimatum from Captain Dread, who on behalf of the pirates had sailed with his Mynci first mate and Blumaroo helmsman, in the submarine The Revenge, to demanded their annual 'protection money'. King Koi had refused to pay, standing up to the pirates on account of Maraqua's recent misfortunes (bad kelp harvest, declining popularity with tourists, coral tax and stock depressions), to which the Captain had ominously declared he'd see the King, "in HELL!".

The full extent of the damage was not known until almost a year after the whirlpool began, when it finally stopped turning (31st May 2002). Divers began to explore the area, and the ruins of Maraqua began to emerge.

This was intended to be the start of a new Maraqua plot, however it was abandoned shortly after Maraqua was destroyed. It was later revived as The Curse of Maraqua plot.


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