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Team Maraqua's line up in 2014 - from top, Tonie Plessix, Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis, Oten Runeu, Lamelle Turow, and Barit Jowes.

Maraqua's Yooyuball team could be described as "a house divided," due to the antics of their star forward. Elon Hughlis is more concerned with his personal accomplishments than actual wins and losses, making him a headache to the team. He looks down on his teammates who aren't as talented as him, and they endure him due to his tremendous ability.

After getting beaten in the first round of Altador Cup 2006, fans thought Maraqua would cut its losses and get rid of Elon Hughlis. When it became apparent that Hughlis wasn't leaving, they decide to trade other foward, Jair Tollet for Roo Island's Dayla (injured in preseason). Considering Hughlis insisted on scoring most of the team's goals, Maraqua decided having three defenders in the lineup worked best for them, adding hefty defence man Oten Runeu to their starting unit. As a result, Maraqua looked to have one of the toughest squads in Neopia to score against, later proved to be false after placing ninth and tenth in the following two cups.

However, in 09, even though Maraqua was defeated in the first match by Kiko Lake, the team was able to win the second bracket, putting them in 5th place, a drastic improvement from their following years of 10th, 9th, and 10th.

In Altador Cup V, the team was hyped about a lot. However, due to a tough series of matches where they had to face the top three teams; Lost Desert, Kreludor, and Darigan Citadel in a row, and not faring well against any of them, they dropped from a strong fifth at the end of round one, to a struggling eighth at the end of round two. However, In the Finals they shined once again, beating Meridell who were consistently placed in the top four before being slightly edged out near the end by Roo Island, the defeating Virtupets Space Station to claim the same spot they claimed the year before, 5th.

In 2011's Altador Cup VI they added Lost Desert's defender Lamelle Turow because Dorina Hals retired. With a teammate from the winning team of Altador Cup V, people thought that Maraqua would have a very good shot at winning. Though they weren't quite able to play up to par with the other top tier teams, they managed to claim 4th after losing to Virtupets and Kreludor, the best they've ever done.

Under new gameplay rules introduced in Altador Cup VII, Maraqua had no signs of suffering in the first round, where they had generally respectable showings despite facing tremendous threats in the bracket, such as Krawk Island, Darigan Citadel, and (we had thought at the time) Virtupets Space Station. However, after Kiko Lake's sweeping of Maraqua, things seemed to fall downhill. Still, Maraqua's greatness varied; for example, they were defeated by Tyrannia one time, then swept them the next time they met. With all things considered, Maraqua fell from last year's greatness to 8th.

The demise of Team Maraqua lingered on as they became 9th in a tie in Altador Cup VIII.

In the Altador Cup IX Maraqua made a great start in the first three brackets. This made the hope grow that they would finally return from the shadow that has been haunting them for years. Regrettably, Maraqua became last in the final two brackets. Dropping down in the rankings to the 12th place. Their worst placing ever, surpassing the scores of 2006 and 2008.

Determined to shoot back up, Team Maraqua redoubled their efforts for Altador Cup X, meeting with mixed results. Victories and defeats were stark in contrast and often came one after another, especially in the first round, when all of their matches were either sweeps or getting swept. Ultimately, these mixed results led to a very average finish, putting Maraqua in 10th, a placement that may not have been much of an improvement, but it was a start.

Team Maraqua's campaign for Altador Cup XI had begun with extreme promise, performing extremely well in the first round of play, becoming a contender alongside Kreludor and Brightvale. However, an outbreak of "multiple account disorder" forced the team to be quarantined, affecting their performance. While Kreludor, who had also been quarantined, had experienced a drastic drop in technique that the team managed to bounce back from, at least slightly, Maraqua had a much harder time of recovering at all. Facing extreme opposition in all rounds subsequent to their quarantine, Maraqua stumbled down the rankings, ending up in 14th, their worst performance thus far.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Tonie Plessix Filo Desenz Barit Jowes Jair Tollet Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Centre Defender Centre Forward
2007 Tonie Plessix Filo Desenz Barit Jowes Oten Runeu Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis
2008 Dorina Hals
2011 Lamelle Turow

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 10th
2007 9th
2008 10th
2009 5th
2010 5th
2011 4th
2012 8th
2013 9th (tie)
2014 12th
2015 10th
2016 14th