Altador Cup VII Staff Tournament

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As part of Altador Cup VII celebrations, the Neopets Team held a staff Yooyuball tournament. Eighteen members of TNT participated in this tournament, each one representing a different Neopian Yooyuball team. The tournament lasted three rounds. During each round, each participating staff member played several games of Yooyuball and then received points based on their performance. The staff member with the most points at the end of the tournament was declared the winner.

Users could participate in the staff tournament by creating a "team" of staff members. All eighteen participating staff members were divided into one of three categories: forward, defender, or goalie. Users were allowed to pick two forwards, two defenders, and one goalie for their staff tournament team. In between rounds, users could change the staff members on their team.

Participating Staff Members[edit]

Player and Team Strength Weakness
Comastar.png Comastar
Team Brightvale
Bionic Hands Gullibility
Dj-skellington small.png DJ Skellington
Team Haunted Woods
Moehog Summon +4 Sunlight
Dragona.png Dragona
Team Terror Mountain
Sock Power! Easily distrac--
Jimmy-james.png Jimmy James
Team Maraqua
Quick Reflexes Red Stapler
Lornadesperow.png LornaDesparow
Team Tyrannia
Smooth Talker Kittens
Night-owl small.png Night Owl
Team Darigan Citadel
Keen Vision Tiny furry animals
Viola small.png Viola
Team Krawk Island
Pointy Sword Scurvy

Player and Team Strength Weakness
Bancha-ninja.png Bancha Ninja
Team Shenkuu
Lightning speed Constant hunger
Breik small.png Breik
Team Meridell
Running Spider Webs
Kid-hawk.png Kid Hawk
Team Lost Desert
Corrective lenses Brutal honesty
El-picklesaur.png El Picklesaur
Team Altador
Pre-Game Pep Talks Training Montages
Mr-insane.png Mr. Insane
Team Kiko Lake
Invulnerability Overconfidence
Pie small.png Pie
Team Faerieland
Truly outrageous OMG shoes!
Undutchable small.png Undutchable
Team Kreludor
Energy Legs Shockolate

Player and Team Strength Weakness
Senormalo small.png SenorMalo
Team Moltara
Scrappiness The Cold
Socktastic small.png Socktastic
Team Roo Island
+10 Sock Puppetry Nap Attacks
Snarkie.png Snarkie
Team Virtupets
+5 against Ogrins Paradoxes
Twitterpate.png Twitterpate
Team Mystery Island
Hamburgers! ...hamburgers :(


Player Round Total Overall
1 2 3
Comastar 1,160 1,285 1,580 4,025 1st
DJ Skellington 153 620 733 1,506 11th
Dragona 300 397 569 1,266 15th
Jimmy James 434 1,232 1,070 2,736 5th
LornaDesparow 110 51 51 212 18th
Night Owl 26 1,565 1,415 3,006 4th
Viola 366 587 208 1,161 16th
Bancha Ninja 290 580 1,160 2,030 10th
Breik 829 1,049 1,727 3,605 2nd
El Picklesaur 146 700 605 1,451 12th
Kid Hawk 220 388 766 1,374 14th
Mr. Insane 203 1035 1055 2,293 9th
Pie 273 1,015 1,320 2,608 7th
Undutchable 171 444 44 659 17th
SenorMalo 303 1,420 1,610 3,333 3rd
Snarkie 309 1,210 1,135 2,654 6th
Socktastic 1,080 1,157 191 2,428 8th
Twitterpate 262 1,096 55 1,413 13th


At the end of each round, users were awarded prize points equal to the sum of the tournament points earned by each of the staff members on their team. Users also received Neopoints equal to this sum divided by two. At the end of the tournament, users could spend their earned prize points at a special Altador Cup VII Staff Tournament prize shop. The prizes available in this shop are listed below:

Leftover Fruit Plates
Altador Cup Cake
Yooyuball Blindfold
Still Packaged Referee Action Figure
1 point 100 points 250 points 400 points
How to Code for Artists
Leftover Fridge Food
Streamers Garland
Singed Trousers
1,000 point 3,500 points 7,000 points 7,000 points
Altador Tips from The Neopets Team
I Surrender Flag
11,000 point 15,000 points

Users who participated in the staff tournament were also rewarded with the following avatar:

Altadorcup staff.gif Altador Cup Staff Tournament
Participate in an Altador Cup Staff Tournment.