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The correct title of this article is snarkie. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

snarkie was a member of The Neopets Team. Joining the team on 4 November 2002, she left at 1:32 AM on 20 September 2014. She started out as a programmer, then a game designer, then a creative director, which she had described as being in charge of making sure [the players are] having fun. She had been known to appear on the NeoBoards on her main account from time to time and was one of the staff members more actively involved in interacting with the players.


Before being disabled, snarkie's main staff account was snarkie. It was marked with the Neopets Programmer banner at the bottom. As of August 2011, it had bore the Ninja Faerie layout that she designed and had four pets: Karoshi, Mekkatorque, ninjitsuo, and Smarloe. Both her shop and gallery were generally empty as she would use them for testing. She was a member of the guild Sock Monkey Protection League. On her FAQ page she stated that her username was based on the word snarky which is Internet slang for sarcastic. She would have chosen the user name snarky but it was never available so she changed the ending to get her name.

Her sloth-themed account, slothpeon is still online, and prior to being cleared had a large collection of Dr. Sloth-themed items including Sloth items, Grundo plushies, and Transmogrification Potions in its gallery, Sloth Memorabilia of Doom. This account currently holds three pets: DrMiniSloth, Gnorbot, and Spraxle. VanCleef, who curiously still houses her FAQ page, has now been moved to lunchboxloon due to snarkie leaving TNT. Visitors to the account loookup are greeted in these words: Greeting's, puny Neopian. I am slothpeon, minion to the great Dr. Frank Sloth... or as I like to call him,Mr. Happypants.

A third account, lunchboxloon, is dedicated to her collection of lunch boxes. The shopkeeper she uses for the gallery was custom designed by staff member SoupFaerie and is called Grundo - Sloth Lunch Box in the listing of shopkeepers but was designed specifically to represent her pet, Spraxle, holding snarkie's favorite Sloth Lunch Box. As of May 2017 there are three pets on this account, LupeSkywalker, _Thermos_ and VanCleef who, as previously stated was moved from slothpeon.

While she admits that she has another account, she hasn't made public what its username is and claims to use it as her private account where no one knows who she is. According to her Tumblr, it is no longer in use.


On her known accounts, snarkie had up to ten pets as of May 2017:

On the account snarkie:

  • Karoshi - A Ghost Lenny. His name means "death from overwork" in Japanese. He had a Captive Shadow Wraith petpet with the name kaishi spelled in Japanese hiragana.
  • Mekkatorque - A Robot Mynci who had been cured of the Curse of Flesh, probably referring to the fact he was a robot pet.
  • ninjitsuo - A Zombie Grundo who had a Black Spardel petpet named Dojo and a petpetpet Zytch.
  • Smarloe - A Transparent Mynci who used to be her lab rat and had a lab ray log on her petpage which hadn't been updated in a long while before snarkie was shut down. Smarloe is supposed to be male, however, as the pet lookup read The only thing he doesn't like is when it turns him female. He doesn't like chick flicks. She had a petpet Snicklebeast named Your Ad Here.

On the account slothpeon:

  • DrMiniSloth - An unconverted Halloween Moehog. The paint job on this pet makes it look like it's wearing a Sloth costume. It has a petpet named We do not gnaw on, a Roburg 3T3, and a petpetpet, a Veespa.
  • Gnorbot - A Robot Gnorbu with a petpet Griefer named Zorz.
  • Spraxle - A Sponge Grundo with Sprixle the Purple Icklesaur petpet and a Mootix petpetpet. In description of himself, he states: Me called Spraxle. Spraxle used to be faerie, but then Spraxle turn spongy. Spraxle like spongy. Spraxle also like cheese, moon rocks, and snarkie. snarkie love Spraxle. :D

On the account lunchboxloon:

  • LupeSkywalker - A Robot Lupe with petpet ZORZ the Wheelie Bot. This pet is clearly a tongue-in-cheek reference to the film Star Wars, particularly as Lupe is pronounced loop.
  • _Thermos_ - A Green Lupe. His name is taken from a brand well known for creating hot liquid storage containers common as part of lunch box sets.
  • VanCleef - A Transparent Skeith with a petpet, MrSmite the Swabby. He is named after a character from the game World of Warcraft and his petpage is home to snarkie's FAQ. He previously belonged on slothpeon.

Appearances around Neopets[edit]

  • snarkie appeared in most of the site events that have staff competitions including both the Altador Cup and Daily Dare.
  • snarkie supported Virtupets in the Altador Cup and has done so in all three Staff Tournaments (2006, 2010, and 2011). In the 2011 tournament she held the position of goalie.
  • She also appears in the game TNT Staff Smasher. Hitting her with the mallet will earn the player 5 points.

Favourite stuff[edit]

According to a list on her main account, the following are some of her favorite things:

She also claims to like:

  • Ninjas (she calls herself the Ninja Faerie and enjoys pretending to be a ninja)
  • Red Vines (she likes to eat them for breakfast) and other candies
  • The colour blue
  • Video games including World of Warcraft
  • Playing Dungeons and Dragons with other staff members
  • Lunch Boxes

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