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This article is about Neopets redesigns. For Petpet redesigns, please refer to List of Petpet redesigns.

Over the years, many Neopets have changed both name and form as the drawing techniques and styles of The Neopets Team developed. Most references to their previous incarnations have been removed from the website, but some still exist in past Caption Competitions and New Feature pages.

Name Changes

Some species of Neopets have undergone name changes (usually along with a visual redesign) since they were first officially named. The dates for these changes are still being researched:

  • Tigren to Acara - July 19, 2000
  • Fleye to Buzz - July 24, 2000
  • Cerpull to Tatsu - July 13, 2000 - to Eyrie - January 26, 2001
  • Polypup to Gelert - July 18, 2000
  • JibJib to JubJub - August 23, 2000
  • Badeek to Kacheek - July 19, 2000
  • Macy Gray to Kau - July 26, 2000
  • Fuzio to Kyrii - February 9, 2001
  • Mellish to Mynci - June 29, 2000
  • Frogstomp to Quiggle - July 25, 2000
  • Mok to Lutari - April 19, 2006
  • Llamameeah to Gnorbu - January 6, 2006

General Changes

  • Soft, shiny shading was replaced by "shadowed", real-life shading to give the pets a more realistic look, to make the pets look actually real and not just look like they were cut out of pieces of shiny, soft patterned paper.
  • More expression was added to the faces of many of the pets.

Visual Changes

This section tells what happened to the visual alterations to the images of Neopets, that is, changes in their anatomy rather than their pose. For simplicity, their modern names are used to refer to the pets: for their contemporary equivalents please see above.


Changes occurred on July 19, 2000, October 31, 2000, February 14, 2001, and June 27, 2005.

  • The Acara's pupils and eye-whites were inverted, to give the modern blue pupil and white surround, however were black if the Acara had dark fur.
  • The twin horns developed from hair tufts.
  • The paws developed distinct three toes.
  • The mouth became less cat-like.
  • The tail was lost.
  • The Acara shaped into a fur ball, however got gorilla legs later, and later became a "sea-goat cat".


  • Characteristic dark areas around the eyes were added.
  • The ears stopped pointing in opposite directions, and pointed in the same direction.
  • The tiny triangle-shaped name-tag on the collar was changed to the shape of a capital "A".
  • The second redesign saw the dark eye areas slightly grow.
  • The head also grew in proportion to the body.


  • The shape of the Bruce changed from an aged photo of Bruce Forsyth to a cartoon of him, then to a penguin.
  • The bow-tie was retained.
  • The legs disappeared and the feet became directly attached to the body.
  • The Bruce got a slimmer look and obtained a large, frilly ribbon where the bow-tie was.


Changes occurred on July 24, 2000.

  • The Buzz's wings altered from feathered wings to gossamer wings.
  • The antenna were removed.
  • The single eye for a body was replaced with a wasp's body, who's eyes became more insectile with an eyelid (which was later removed).
  • The feet became clawed.


  • The red colour became more red.


  • The spots on the ruff lost their outlines.
  • The ruff became bigger.
  • The ears changed shape.


  • The Elephante's distinctive head-piece was introduced, the gem first containing an emoticon which adjusted to the pet's mood. The emoticon was later removed.


Changes occurred on July 13, 2000 and January 26, 2001.

  • The nose-horn was removed.
  • The other horns were also removed and replaced with the Eyrie's distinctive ears, in an effort to make it more "griffin-like".
  • The dragon-esque ridges along the spine were replaced with a line of fur quills, which developed later into the mane.
  • The wings became less leathery and more feathery.
  • The tail stopped being as reptilian, and gained a tassel-like end.
  • The feet and hands lost their claws.


Changes occurred on June 22, 2000.

  • The Flotsam became less fish-like and changed shape into a dolphin-esque creature.
  • The three dorsal fins became one single fin.
  • The Flotsam lost one set of fore-fins.
  • The tail at the rear lost its spine.


Changes occurred on July 19, 2000.

  • The Gelert's ears became longer, thinner and more whip-like, as did its tail.
  • The collar was lost.
  • The Gelert became considerably thinner and more greyhound-like, before gaining some more "puppy-fat".
  • The Gelert developed a flash of bristly hair between the ears.


  • A mane appeared on the neck.
  • The legs' lighter parts went down to the toes.
  • Three wooly spots appeared on the body.
  • The tail became less "rabbit-like" and shrunk.
  • The ears were changed, from rabbit ears, to droopy, soft, "round topped" donkey ears.


  • Teeth appeared in the mouth.
  • The eyes changed colour.


  • There became less definition between the Grundo's head and body sections as the more neck-like section vanished and the arms were moved closer to the sides of its head.
  • The antennae tops became larger.


  • The Jetsam became less fish-like and changed shape into a shark-esque creature.
  • The dorsal spikes became three dorsal fins which became two fins.
  • The distinctive black eyebrow-like protrusions appeared.
  • The tail at the rear lost its spine.
  • The Jetsam gained and lost an overbite.
  • The Jetsam lost its anchor tattoo.


Changes occurred on August 23, 2000 and June 6, 2006.

  • The feet became more rounded, and shrank a little to show the JubJub's face a little more.
  • The hair smoothed out a little.
  • The eyes grew bigger.
  • With the second redesign, the JubJub changed from a sitting posture to a walking posture.
  • The eyebrows became orange.


  • The Kacheek lost its sunglasses, but its eyes later began gleaming.
  • Three short bristles of hair appeared on the top of the head. One of these bristles was later lost.
  • The underbelly of the Kacheek became bigger.
  • Two toes developed.
  • The Kacheek became upright.
  • The red Kacheek became less red, however became more red later.


Changes occurred on July 26, 2000.

  • The Kau went from being a humanoid representation of Macy Gray into a stripy cow without an udder, and a hair tuft.
  • The Kau lost its ray gun.
  • The Kau lost its musical accompaniment.
  • The Kau's red and blue designs became less purple and less pink.


  • The Kiko's eyebrows became more distinct, and it gained irises.
  • The plaster was changed from a tiny, simple white cross to a pair of band-aid plasters.


  • The Koi's hands became less dextrous fins.
  • The Koi's nostrils became more distinct then vanished.
  • The Koi's tufts of hair-like material protruding from the sides of its head became fins.
  • The central hair moehawk became more like a dorsal fin.
  • The Koi's stripes vanished.
  • The final redesign obtained whiskers where the fins on the sides of the head were.


  • The Korbat developed an arrow-ended tail.
  • The Korbat developed hands on the ends of its wings.
  • The Korbat's wings shrunk.
  • The hair tuft was lost.


Changes occurred on June 24, 2004 and August 25, 2004.

  • The Kougra's muzzle became more visibly furry.
  • The Kougra developed claw-like nails, which it later lost.
  • The ear notches widened.
  • The eyes went bigger, and looked less "baggy".


Changes occurred on February 9, 2001.

  • The Kyrii lost its shoes and gloves.
  • Arms developed between the hands and body where before there had just been space.
  • The hands lost one finger each.
  • The body of the Kyrii became squirrel-like, with a more structured body appearing.
  • A giant back mane appeared.


  • The ring around the Lenny's neck vanished.
  • The heavy eye-line vanished.
  • The two divisions of the flipper-esque feet became three, then back to two (but these were more talon-like).


  • The Lupe developed a lighter underbelly.
  • The whites around the Lupe's eyes became yellow, then back to white, then yellow again.
  • Three toes developed per paw.


  • The red Meerca became less pink.


  • The Moehog's tusks began to emerge from the mouth, rather than its sides.


Changes occurred on June 29, 2000.

  • The Mynci became more monkey-like.
  • The Mynci lost its clothing.
  • The flash of hair shrunk and changed colour from orange to red, then vanished.
  • The tail began to twist around itself anticlockwise while at rest.
  • The mouth became less connected to the nose.
  • The feet lost their opposable toe.
  • The eyes became less circular and more "D-shaped".


  • The Nimmo gained a finger on each hand.
  • The posture became more symmetrical.
  • The light underbelly was added.


  • The mane became bigger, and a bit more furry.
  • The yellow colour became less orange.


  • The stripes lost their outlines.
  • The irises became bigger, and changed colour from pink to match the body's colour.
  • The tail became a bit more pointy.
  • The "red" colour became less pink, and the "green" colour became less minty.


  • The wings became shorter and bigger.


Changes occurred on July 25, 2000.

  • The Quiggle's legs and arms became more defined.
  • The eyes became spaced further apart.
  • Stripes appeared around the Quiggle's back. They soon became brighter and changed direction.
  • The toes took on a closer look to the fingers.
  • The Quiggle gained an extra finger on each hand.


  • The Scorchio's wings and arms separated and the wings moved onto the back, connected at a joint rather than being a flap of skin between the hands and the body.
  • The six spikes of hair became five spines on the top of the head.
  • The Scorchio developed hands.
  • The tail lost its arrowhead but gained spines running down it.
  • The banded belly section was introduced.
  • A nose was added.
  • The Scorchio was generally "fleshed-out".


  • The Shoyru's wings changed shape, and lost the pinkish parts. This was the same with the feet.


  • The eyes became bigger.
  • The first design's evolution happened to get yellow spikes.


  • The eyes were rounded.
  • The three red spots on the top of the head lost their outlines.
  • The feet changed shape.


  • The Tuskaninny's nose moved inside the muzzle.
  • The three freckles for whiskers became four, then became three again.
  • Eyebrows appeared.


  • The horn changed shape.
  • The red colour became less pink.
  • The mane went more furry.
  • The wings shrunk.
  • The Neopet was re-shaded.


  • The body became a light brown.
  • The eyes became less silly-looking.
  • The feet were joined to the bottom of the body, and shrunk.
  • The ears were "re-shaped".


  • The neck ruff shrunk, and became more pink.
  • The tail became more furry.
  • The ears became more "straight-outlined", and smaller.
  • The shape of the eyes becomes more circular instead of triangular.


  • The Zafara lost all except for three spikes on its back.
  • The arrowhead on the end of its tail became more feathery.
  • The Zafara became more upright, losing the front legs, but gaining arms.

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