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Just a few of the many types of Petpets found in Neopia.

Petpets are small creatures that serve as pets for Neopets. They first appeared on the Neopets website on September 27, 2000. There are hundreds of different Petpet species in the world of Neopia.

As explained in the Wand of Wishing game, Petpets come from an alternate dimension know as Petaria. In this dimension, Petpets are capable of speaking, wearing clothes, and walking upright. There are entire Petpet-based societies in Petaria, with Petpet Park being one of the most well known. As seen during the Operation: Petpet Park event, Petpets can enter Neopia from Petaria via magical portals. Petpets who enter Neopia lose their ability to speak and start acting in a more animal-like manner.

On the Neopets website Petpets are class of items that can be attached to Neopets. Each Neopet can only have one Petpet attached to them at a time. Users can attach a Petpet to their Neopet by clicking on the desired Petpet in their inventory and then selecting the Give pet to... option from the resulting drop-down menu. Users can visit an attached Petpet by clicking on its picture on the Quick Reference page. Doing this will take the user to a page where they can rename their Petpet, talk to it, or remove it. This page also displays the Petpet's level and how many days it has been attached to its current Neopet.

Petpet Activities[edit]

There are many activities that users can do with their Petpets on the Neopets website. Users can fight their Petpets against computer controlled challengers in the game Petpet Battles. They can also use their Petpets to gather treasure by sending them into the Mysterious Symol Hole or the Grave Danger catacombs. Users can have their Petpets wake up the Turmaculus, or they can take their Petpets to the Petpet Lab Ray. Each user that has a Petpet is also qualified to win the Petpet Protection League award.

Obtaining Petpets[edit]

While most Petpets can be purchased from official Neopian shops, some of them can only be earned by participating in certain activities on the Neopets website. For example, there are some Petpets that can only be obtained by combining items at the Cooking Pot or at Tangor's Workshop. Other Petpets can only be obtained by using the Petpet Lab Ray. There are a handful of Petpets that are only available in Newbie Packs, and some Petpets are exclusive prizes given out during the various plots and events that happen around Neopia. Most Petpets are also tradable, meaning that they can be purchased from other users using the Auction House, Trading Post, or user shops.

Petpet Colours[edit]

Main article: Colour

Since October 2, 2001, users have been able to change the colour of their Petpets. Users can change the colour of their Petpet by using an appropriate Paint Brush at the Petpet Puddle. Since Petpets are items, changing the colour of a Petpet changes it into a different item. For example, changing the colour of a Babaa to Blue will causes the affected Babaa item to become a Blue Babaa item. In order to change a coloured Petpet back into its original form, users have to change the colour of the Petpet back to the default colour of its species. For example, to change the aforementioned Blue Babaa item back into a Babaa item, the user would have to change to the colour of the Babaa back to White, which is the default colour for the Babaa species.

The Petpet Lab Ray can also change the colour of a Petpet; however, the Petpet will return to its original form when it is removed from its Neopet.

Petpet Types[edit]

There are currently 15 different types of Petpet, each of which have a different theme:

Petpet Park[edit]

Main article: Petpet Park

Petpet Park was Neopet's sister site and a massively multiplayer online game that focused exclusively on Petpets. Petpet Park was launched during 2008, and it was discontinued and taken offline in 2014. In this game, user could create a Petpet avatar and then use it to explore the world of Petpet Park. In the park, users could play games, interact with other users, and earn park points to buy items. Other than being set in the same universe and using the same log-in, Petpet Park and Neopets were completely separate sites.


  • Petpet Appreciation Day occurs every 8th June, and began in 2005.

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