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Maractite Marvels, listed on the map as Maraquan Battledome Items, is a shop in Maraqua that sells Battledome items made of Maractite. It is run by a Maraquan Acara.


This section documents a list of items sold in a shop.
This list may become incomplete as the shop releases new items.
  • Decorative Maractite Sword
  • Enchanted Maraquan Necklace
  • Finned Maractite Helm
  • Frosty Maractite Bow
  • Glowing Maractite Trident
  • Glowing Maractite Wand
  • Lightweight Maractite Spear
  • Maractite Battle Hammer
  • Maractite Cord
  • Maractite Mace
  • Maractite Pauldrons
  • Maractite Shell Shield
  • Maractite Throwing Net
  • Maractite Throwing Shells
  • Ornate Maractite Dagger
  • Peophin Emblazoned Maractite Shield
  • Peophin Maractite Helm
  • Reinforced Maractite Shield
  • Swift Maractite Boomerang
  • Swirling Seaweed Orb

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