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Players hunted for the lost Clockwork Negg, as well as the Neggs Kari had hidden.

The Festival of Neggs in 2012 began on 2 April 2012, and finished on 22 April. Kari the Negg Faerie hid special Neggs around Neopia and gave players clues as to where they could find them. She also hid mini plastic neggs in other locations that could be redeemed for a bonus prize.

Alongside the Negg hunt, Kari's assistant Zaira was researching a story about a powerful, mysterious Negg. The player had to solve a logic puzzle to find out where this Negg went. Part of the puzzle would return as the Mysterious Negg Cave daily from 28 August 2012.

At the NC Mall during this event, players could help Edolie search for items in Edolie's Phantastic Finds, and help "The Real Negg Faerie" enlarge some miniature Neggs for Neocash prizes.

Negg hunt[edit]

Kari had hidden special patterned Neggs around Neopia. Each day, the player could find a new one by solving Kari's riddle. There were four Neggs of each of four different types of patterns, making sixteen Neggs to collect in total. The player didn't have to find the Negg on the day it was released, although the player received bonus prizes if they did.

The riddles would direct a player to a world, but not a specific page. They had to explore that world until they found the Negg.

When the player returned with all four Neggs of a certain pattern, they could choose one of four prizes.

Additionally, each day there were ten mini plastic Neggs hidden around the site. If they player found all ten of these, they could receive a bonus prizes. The player had to find all ten in one day - they couldn't turn in less than ten for a prize, and the next day, different mini plastic Neggs could be found.

If the player found all the Neggs by the end of the event, they could claim two extra prizes. If they had found every Negg on the first day it was released, they also earned the Festival of Neggs Booth Garland and the Festival of Neggs site theme.

Prizes for completing the Negg hunt
bg_fony14_negg_castle.gif foo_fony14_negg_winged.gif gif_fony14_fonboothfg.gif
Shoppe of Neggs Background Winged Negg Festival of Neggs Booth Garland

Plaid Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
2 - 3 April

Infested by bugs
With the new Games Room's release
It's now good as new!

Answer: Roo Island

Plaid Negg

4 April

Brave arid terrain
To browse some fine pottery
Or spin Fruit Machine

Answer: Sakhmet

Plaid Negg

5 April

If you're in search of
Employment or some healing
This land is for you

Answer: Faerieland

Plaid Negg

6 April

Take a flying ship
To this mystical city
High in the mountains

Answer: Shenkuu

Plaid Negg

Plaid Negg prizes
clo_fony14_negg_necktie.gif fur_fony14_negg_chest.gif boo_fony14_negg_collect.gif foo_fony14_negg_vancream.gif
Negg Tie Chest of Neggs The Negg Collection Vanilla Negg Cream

Swirly Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
7 April

If you make a trip
To this spookiest of land
Watch for flying pies!

Answer: Haunted Woods

Swirly Negg

8 April

Founded by heroes
This birthplace of Yooyuball
Plays tournament host

Answer: Altador

Swirly Negg

9 April

Despite a lack of
Gravity or breathable
air, Grundos like it!

Answer: Kreludor

Swirly Negg

10 April

Fond of rock candy
And tours on glass bottom boats?
This place is for you!

Answer: Kiko Lake

Swirly Negg

Swirly Negg prizes
clo_fony14_eaststaff.gif bd_fony14_negg_sword.gif plu_fony14_fonplayset.gif foo_fony14_negg_donut.gif
Easter Negg Scarf Negg Sword Festival of Neggs Playset Negg Doughnut

Polka-dot Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
11 April

When you're traveling
Underneath Neopia
Let worms light the way!

Answer: Moltara

Polka-dot Negg

12 April

If this is your home
Keetra Deile's most likely your
Fave Yooyuballer

Answer: Space Station

Polka-dot Negg

13 April

Tiki Tours, Techo
, and Tombola are
Some of its highlights

Answer: Mystery Island

Polka-dot Negg

14 April

The Rainbow Pool's home
Also where you'll find The Pound
And Kadoatery

Answer: Neopia Central

Polka-dot Negg

Polka-dot Negg prizes
clo_fony14_negg_colourhat.gif fur_fony14_negg_rug.gif boo_fony14_negg_lastyear.gif plu_fony14_supernegg.gif
Colourful Negg Hat Negg Rug Last Years Negg Super Negg Plushie

Striped Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
15 April

Crushed by Captain Dread
Then rebuilt in secret with
Pastel coral, shells

Answer: Maraqua

Striped Negg

16 April

You never know where
A Mystical Surroundings
Visit will take you

Answer: Qasala

Striped Negg

17 April

The Krawken's target
Now looks better than ever
(Just ask the Governor!)

Answer: Krawk Island

Striped Negg

18 April

Browse through some rubbish
In this provincial kingdom
Where veggies abound!

Answer: Meridell

Striped Negg

Striped Negg prizes
clo_fony14_negg_pjpants.gif bd_fony14_negg_shooter.gif boo_fony14_negg_allabout.gif foo_fony14_negg_sugcereal.gif
Neggjama Bottoms Negg Shooter All About the Neggery Sugar Negg Cereal

Zig-zag Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
19 April

Care for a crumpet?
Venture past the gypsy camp
To this woeful land

Answer: Neovia

Zig-zag Negg

20 April

The Snowager's home
And The Advent Calendar
Can both be found here

Answer: Terror Mountain

Zig-zag Negg

21 April

Grab an omelette slice
Or catch a band in concert
Beware The Beast's lair...

Answer: Tyrannia

Zig-zag Negg

22 April

Their glaziers' windows
Famed throughout Neopia
Hagan must be proud

Answer: Brightvale

Zig-zag Negg

Striped Negg prizes
gif_fony14_negg_staff.gif bd_fony14_negg_omiclock.gif boo_fony14_negg_strategy.gif pot_fony14_easter_concoct.gif
Negg Staff Ominous Clockwork Negg The Negg Strategy Easter Concoction

Mysterious Negg[edit]

From left to right, Rutu, Voughn, Selvin, Ricky, and Hurok.

On the 10 April, Zaira, Kari's assistant who had been left in charge of the Neggery, discovered an old, cryptic journal. It described a team of adventurers who banded together to hide a powerful, Clockwork Negg. The five adventurers each took a Negg - the real Clockwork Negg and four decoys - to different locations around Neopia. Over the next week, the players found one more journal entry a day that would help them find the Negg.

The puzzle was a logic puzzle, like the Usurper! mystery or the future Desert Diplomacy. In order to solve where the Clockwork Negg went, players had to figure out which of the adventurers took decoys and which took the real one, as well as figuring out what jobs the adventurers had. The solution was:

Adventurer Job Negg Destination
Hurok Blacksmith Sand Negg Lost Desert
Ricky Knight Glass Negg Brightvale
Rutu Botanist Clockwork Negg Shenkuu
Selvin Wizard Plant Negg Kiko Lake
Voughn Explorer Cloud Negg Altador

Users could submit a guess after only four clues were released, but could change their guess as more clues became available. Better prizes were awarded depending on how early the player submitted the correct answer - that Rutu took the Clockwork Negg to Shenkuu. Even if the player got their guess wrong, they could continue with the mystery.

From 19 April, players could visit the cave in Shenkuu where Rutu went. There, they find Rutu's skeleton and the Clockwork Negg. The Negg has three sides, each with a three by three grid of nine squares on it. Using Rutu's notes by clicking on the scrolls sticking out of her bag - the Ancient Negg Scrolls - the player could get to work solving the Clockwork Negg's puzzle.

The Neggbreaker escaped from the Clockwork Negg.

The player had to fill the grid with three different symbols that can be three different colours. The player needed to have exactly one symbol of each colour (red, yellow, and blue) on each side. Consulting Rutu's notes for the side of the Negg they are looking at - by looking at the icon at the top of the Negg - they can see a number of clues. These show some of the relative positions of colours and symbols. The puzzles were generated randomly for each player.

When all three puzzle were solved, the Negg opened, and a fumes of orange and purple "dark matter" forced the user to flee - but not before grabbing some prizes from the cave for their trouble.

The next day, the fumes had coalesced into the fearsome Neggbreaker. He was a very powerful challenger in the Battledome.

"Taking a long, hard look at the Neggbreaker, you conclude that going toe-to-toe with this behemoth would indeed be a tall order. Scanning the area around you, however, doesn't offer many options for using something as an impromptu weapon. You now have to choose: grab something and fight with it, or take your chances against the Neggbreaker with what you've got?"

The player could chose to fight it immediately, but if they looked into the Clockwork Negg, the player could find and Ancient Negg Amulet that had been trapped inside with the creature. When a Neopet had it equipped, it greatly improved the damage they would do to the Neggbreaker if used against him in the Battledome. No matter how the user defeated him, beating the Neggbreaker earned the player an Ultimate Negg of Destruction.

After defeating the Neggbreaker, the player could return to Zaira and choose one out of four prizes, and received three extra prizes.


Players received prizes for guessing who took the Clockwork Negg where. The earlier they guessed, the more prizes they received. If they guessed incorrectly, they only received the first prize, Siniris Puzzle Book. If they guess correctly on the last day, the received the first two prizes. If they guessed correctly on the second-to-last day, they received the first three prizes, and so on.

Logic puzzle prizes
boo_sinsipuzzles.gif bg_nightcity.gif bvb_brightvales_brightest.gif sta_bd_puzzlebox.gif boo_math_puzzles.gif usuki_nerd.gif
Siniris Puzzle Book Nighttime in Brightvale Background Brightvales Brightest Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp Math Puzzles Clever Clogs Usuki

Finding the Ancient Negg Scrolls and opening the Negg rewarded the following prizes:

Clockwork Negg prizes
boo_fony14_negg_scroll.gif gif_hangingvines_garland.gif sta_neggnoodles.gif bak_cyneggcookie_rain.gif clo_fony14_wig_spring.gif gar_strawberries.gif
Ancient Negg Scrolls Hanging Vines Negg Noodles Stamp Rainbow Cybunny Negg Cookie Spring Negg Wig Strawberry Plant

The player could retrieve the Ancient Negg Amulet and defeat the Neggbreaker for the following prizes:

Neggbreaker prizes
bd_fony14_negg_amulet.gif bd_fony14_negg_ultimate.gif green_negg.gif bg_spring_path.gif boo_negg_faerie_diaries.gif
Ancient Negg Amulet Ultimate Negg of Destruction Green Negg Spring Path Background The Negg Faerie Diaries

and their choice of one of the following four prizes:

Neggbreaker prizes
gif_fony14_fg_darkmagic.gif foo_fony14_negg_metallic.gif plu_fony14_neggbreaker.gif boo_fony14_neggsociety_secrets.gif
Cloud of Dark Magic Foreground Metallic Negg Neggbreaker Plushie Secrets of the Hidden Negg Society

Having completed all these puzzles, the player earned the Beware of the Neggbreaker avatar.

Neocash activity[edit]

With each patterned Negg the player found for Kari, they also found a miniature version of that Negg. A Yurble calling himself "The Real Negg Faerie" offered the help the player enlarge the mini Neggs. To do this, the player had to buy the Handy Negg Enlarger for 125 Neocash from the NC Mall.

Inside each Negg was a Neocash, wearable prize that could only be obtained from this event.


Defeating the Neggbreaker awarded the player 100,000 points to their battle score. However, The Neopets Team realised this was too much considering how easily it could be defeated with the Ancient Negg Amulet. They intended it to award 10 points per victory, but were unable to implement this retroactively. They held a poll on 28 April to see what users thought about their proposed solution: they could either leave the battle scores as they were, or lower players' scores to 10 points per Neggbreaker win. They were unable to lower the battle scores for individual Neopets, however.

On 9 May, they announced they would implement the partial fix, but this was not implemented before the old Battledome scores were taken down with the Battledome revamp in November 2012.

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