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This year, Honest Pete had a clever scheme to make fake Doughnutfruit from spare Neggs.

The Festival of Neggs in 2013 began on 25 March 2013, and finished on 14 April. Kari the Negg Faerie hid special Neggs around Neopia and gave players clues as to where they could find them. She also hid mini plastic neggs in other locations that could be redeemed for a bonus prize.

At the NC Mall during this event, players could win Neocash prizes by helping Flora to grow Neggs and the so-called Honest Pete to make counterfeit Doughnutfruit.

Negg hunt[edit]

Kari had hidden special patterned Neggs around Neopia. Each day, the player could find a new one by solving Kari's riddle. There were four Neggs of each of four different types of patterns, making sixteen Neggs to collect in total. The player didn't have to find the Negg on the day it was released, although the player received bonus prizes if they did.

The riddles would direct a player to a world, but not a specific page. They had to explore that world until they found the Negg.

When the player returned with all four Neggs of a certain pattern, they could choose one of four prizes.

Additionally, each day there were ten mini plastic Neggs hidden around the site. If they player found all ten of these, they could receive a bonus prizes. The player had to find all ten in one day - they couldn't turn in less than ten for a prize, and the next day, different mini plastic Neggs could be found.

At the end of event, players who had found at least one Negg received a bonus prize, an Altalaphus Negg. If the player had found all the Neggs, they could also claim a Spring Babaa, and if they had found every Negg on the first day it was released, they also earned the Negg Power - Delicious Alternative Energy book and the Festival of Neggs site theme.

Prizes for completing the Negg hunt
foo_fony14_negg_altalaphus.gif boo_fony14_negg_alten.gif petpet_fony14_babaa_spring.gif
Altalaphus Negg Negg Power - Delicious Alternative Energy Spring Babaa

Plaid Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
25 - 26 March

Four lamp posts, one well;
Thick fog muffles a yell.

Answer: Neovia

Plaid Negg

27 March

Tablets of old speak of treasure hidden;
Spiced treats burn tongues unbidden.

Answer: Qasala

Plaid Negg

28 March

Winged ships, mountains that soar,
And water falling with a roar.

Answer: Shenkuu

Plaid Negg

29 March

An Aisha paints, an axe glows,
A Meepit lurks and the darkness grows.

Answer: Haunted Woods

Plaid Negg

Plaid Negg prizes
clo_fon2013_wings_vine.gif fur_fony14_negg_chair.gif boo_fony14_negg_crafts.gif foo_fony14_negg_rolls.gif
Magical Spring Vine Wings Negg Chair Negg Crafts Volume II Negg Rolls

Swirly Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
30 March

Chombies name it their home;
A dusty land where Gruslens roam.

Answer: Tyrannia

Swirly Negg

31 March

Land of the balancing Bruce;
Firs lurk behind every spruce.

Answer: Terror Mountain

Swirly Negg

1 April

Kacheek and Grundo watch the fight;
Sleeping by test engines not permitted on site.

Answer: Virtupets

Swirly Negg

2 April

Fifty miles west of Meridell --
Not far enough, its scholars tell.

Answer: Brightvale

Swirly Negg

Swirly Negg prizes
foo_fony14_negg_juice.gif clo_fon2013_wig_flospri.gif boo_fony14_neggspotguide.gif toy_fony14_wu_kari_toy.gif
Bottle of Negg Juice Flowery Multicolour Spring Wig The Guide to Neggspotting Wind Up Kari Toy

Polka-dot Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
3 April

Full of schools, but no pencils bought;
This land is as dry as an inkpot.

Answer: Maraqua

Polka-dot Negg

4 April

Sand as far as the eye can see
Hides treasures buried near the sea.

Answer: Krawk Island

Polka-dot Negg

5 April

A harbour full of sails, a shop of springs,
And all the joy that playing a game brings.

Answer: Roo Island

Polka-dot Negg

6 April

Four spokes in a stone wheel
Where twelve together made a deal.

Answer: Altador

Polka-dot Negg

Polka-dot Negg prizes
gif_fon2013_gar_flospri.gif toy_fony14_snownegg_patoy.gif boo_fony14_negg_recipe.gif bd_fony14_negg_sharm.gif
Colourful Spring Petpet Garland Cybunny and Neggs Pull Along Toy Neggtastic Recipes Purple Negg Shoulder Armour

Striped Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
7 April

A castle above and a castle below,
While the truce holds, good behavior show.

Answer: Meridell and the Darigan Citadel

Striped Negg

8 April

Achyfi's rival distributes here;
The home team won last year.

Answer: Kreludor

Striped Negg

9 April

A mechanical fan belches steam
In the dark where black gems gleam.

Answer: Moltara

Striped Negg

10 April

Stir and stir, and train and train;
Plants flourish in the daily rain.

Answer: Mystery Island

Striped Negg

Striped Negg prizes
toy_fony14_negg_blocks.gif clo_fon2013_brace_negflo.gif foo_fony14_negg_lasagna.gif fur_fony14_negg_table.gif
Colourful Negg Blocks Intricate Enamel Negg Bracelet Negg Lasagne Negg Table

Zig-zag Neggs[edit]

Date Riddle Negg
11 April

Here stand high palaces of pastel grace;
Forest now, but once clouds filled the space.

Answer: Faerieland

Zig-zag Negg

12 April

Shouts echo from the market stalls:
Cards to scratch and scrolls for all.

Answer: Lost Desert

Zig-zag Negg

13 April

No grand mountains, no creepy mood;
Just good fun, shopping, and food.

Answer: Neopia Central

Zig-zag Negg

14 April

Samples of candy floss and rock slices!
Those who live here are known for niceness.

Answer: Kiko Lake

Zig-zag Negg

Zig-zag Negg prizes
foo_fony14_negg_bropops.gif gif_fon2013_negghuntfg.gif boo_fony14_negg_trivia.gif bd_fony14_negg_hammer.gif
Negg Brownie Pops Negg Hunt Foreground Negg Trivia Ultimate Negg Hammer

Neocash activities[edit]

Bloomin' Neggs[edit]

Flora the Acara invited players into her greenhouse to grow Neggs. They could buy four different Bloomin' Neggs Planting Kits for 500 NC from the NC Mall to grow Neggs of four different patterns. Players were only allowed to grow one of each per account.

Every day, as the Negg grew, players could visit it to claim a new Neocash prize once a day. If they missed a day, they could catch up on the prizes they missed later.

Negg Punching[edit]

As the player hunted for the Neggs Kari had hidden, they may also have found patterned Decorative Neggs somewhere in the same world. Honest Pete asked the player to bring these to him. His scheme was to punch a hole in the middle of them to pass them off as Doughnutfruit.

Players could buy Negg Punchers from the NC Mall for 125 NC each. Each one let the player punch a hole in one of the Decorative Neggs. The player would then receive the Counterfeit Doughnutfruit they had made this way, as well as a wearable Neocash item.

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