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Topsi lead a Negg hunt during the 2015 Festival of Neggs.

The sixth annual Festival of Neggs began on March 25, 2015 and ended on April 5, 2015. Unlike previous festivals, this event was not organized by Kari. Instead, the event was hosted by a Pink Cybunny named Topsi. Each day of the event, Topsi hid somewhere in Neopia and tasked users with finding him. Whenever a user found Topsi, they were rewarded with a plastic Negg that contained a prize. Topsi also gave out baskets of plastic Neggs using random events.

Plastic Neggs[edit]

Each day of the event, Topsi hid in a specific location somewhere in Neopia. The location that Topsi hid in was the same for every user:

Date Location
March 25 Toy Repair Shop
March 26 Crumpetmonger
March 27 Money Tree
March 28 Remarkable Restoratives
March 29 Maraquan Petpets
March 30 Kiko Pop
Date Location
March 31 Food Club
April 1 The Petpetorium
April 2 Healing Springs
April 3 Kreludor Colouring Pages
April 4 Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
April 5 Magical Marvels

Each time the user found Topsi, they were rewarded with their choice of plastic Negg. There were three types of plastic Neggs to choose from: Book-filled plastic Neggs, Candy-filled plastic Neggs, and Toy-filled plastic Neggs. Each time a user opened a plastic Negg, they randomly received a single prize from the pool of prizes associated with that type of Neggs:

Negg Baskets[edit]

Topsi also gave out festive Negg baskets using random events. These random events could be triggered anywhere on the site. Users could only receive each type of basket once. When a Neopet plays with one of these festive Negg baskets, the basket will open and the user will randomly receive 1 to 4 items from the pool of items associated with the opened basket:


Users could unlock one avatar by participating in this event:

Easterbunnyy17.gif Negg Basket Cybunny
Found Topsi's location on its release day at least eight times during the 2015 Festival of Neggs.

Festival of Neggs