Altador Cup X Staff Tournament

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All eighteen participating TNT members.

As part of Altador Cup X celebrations, the Neopets Team held a staff Yooyuball tournament. Eighteen members of TNT participated in this tournament, each one representing a different Neopian Yooyuball team. The tournament lasted three rounds. During each round, each participating staff member played several games of Yooyuball and then received points based on their performance. The staff member with the most points at the end of the tournament was declared the winner.

Users could participate in the staff tournament by creating a "team" of staff members. All eighteen participating staff members were divided into one of three categories: forward, defender, or goalie. Users were allowed to pick two forwards, two defenders, and one goalie for their staff tournament team. In between rounds, users could change the staff members on their team.

Participating Staff Members[edit]

Player and Team Strength/Weakness Quote
Cherry-blossom.png Cherry Blossom
Team Terror Mountain
Strength: 2nd Breakfast
Weakness: Hats
You bring the yooyuball and I'll bring the coffee. Let's do this for Terror Mountain!
Dj-skellington small.png DJ Skellington
Team Haunted Woods
Strength: The midnight hour
Weakness: The sun
It's time for a repeat, don't you think?
Drama-queen.png Drama Queen
Team Tyrannia
Strength: Elephante Memory
Weakness: Popcorn
Not being melodramatic and all. Just want to let you know that I will not let you down. Ever.
Lawyerbot small.png Lawyerbot
Team Brightvale
Strength: El Pickelsaur poems
Weakness: Usukicon exclusives
Legally speaking, Brightvale is going to dominate this year!
Ninjakins.png Ninjakins
Team Mystery Island
Strength: Fighting against sissy la la's
Weakness: Sad animal commercials
This year is going to be the ultimate win for Mystery Island!
Rain.png Rain
Team Krawk Island
Strength: Mind reader
Weakness: Food
I know exactly what you’re thinking. When I’m not busy eating, that is.
Senormalo small.png SenorMalo
Team Moltara
Strength: Magma pomade
Weakness: Lack of hair product
Each year Moltara has grown in skill and confidence, this year Senor Malo hopes to inspire the team to win it all!

Player and Team Strength/Weakness Quote
Bancha-ninja.png Bancha Ninja
Team Shenkuu
Strength: Shadow ninjutsu
Weakness: Deceived by own jutsu
Country-queen.png Country Queen
Team Faerieland
Strength: Pump up jams
Weakness: Indecisiveness
All this purple will go great with my country boots!
Dark-lord.png Dark Lord
Team Altador
Strength: Strength
Weakness: Fire Yooyus
With Dark Lord on the team, this is the year Altador wins it all!
Droplet.png Droplet
Team Roo Island
Strength: Press influence
Weakness: Kindhearted
Altador Cup history is written by the winner... and revised by the editor.
Firefly.png Firefly
Team Kiko Lake
Strength: Agile
Weakness: Cheeeesee
Did you know that fireflies are the world's most efficient light producers? Well, I'm going to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Victory shall be mine!
Kikocat.png Kikocat
Team Lost Desert
Strength: Poogle Army
Weakness: Lutari's cuteness
As Beauty Contest Judge, Lost Desert will not only play great but look great!
Rookie.png Rookie
Team Kreludor
Strength: Fast Runner
Weakness: Forever sleepy... *yawn*
When I'm not sleeping, I'm fast. I may be new to the Altador Cup, but I'm definitely going to give the experts a run for their money... *yawwn* No, seriously!

Player and Team Strength/Weakness Quote
Binary-supagoo.png Binary Supagoo
Team Darigan Citadel
Strength: Hard shell
Weakness: Gravity
May Supagoo be with Darigan, great players of the Citadel will rise victorious again!
Breik small.png Breik
Team Meridell
Strength: Consistency
Weakness: Versatility
If my calculations are correct, Meridell will be racing to the top of the competition.
Ehlo-froyo.png Ehlo Froyo
Team Maraqua
Strength: Slinging and Devouring
Weakness: Forks (they're evil!)
Strong members of Team Maraqua: We shall conquer all who dares compete against us! Froyo after we devour these guys ya? It's on like Donkey Kong!
Hip-hop-queen.png Hip-Hop Queen
Team Virtupets
Strength: Decisiveness
Weakness: Country pump up jams
I may have silver kicks but I'm going for gold.


Player Round Total Overall
1 2 3
Cherry Blossom 580 1,260 1,465 3,305 13th
DJ Skellington 1,305 1,305 1,340 3,950 8th
Drama Queen 1,098 1,036 1,375 3,509 12th
Lawyerbot 339 508 662 1,509 16th
Ninjakins 235 207 480 922 18th
Rain 406 1,202 964 2,572 15th
SenorMalo 1,220 1,355 1,550 4,125 7th
Bancha Ninja 1,450 1,740 1,896 5,086 2nd
Country Queen 1,243 1,640 1,790 4,673 3rd
Dark Lord 1,036 1,243 1,504 3,783 9th
Droplet 1,171 1,119 1,360 3,650 10th
Firefly 956 884 1,056 2,896 14th
Kikocat 1,095 1,195 1,300 3,590 11th
Rookie 1,460 1,834 1,925 5,219 1st
Binary Supagoo 1,345 1,320 1,699 4,364 5th
Breik 296 444 617 1,357 17th
Ehlo Froyo 941 1,670 1,610 4,221 6th
Hip-Hop Queen 1,230 1,480 1,660 4,370 4th


At the end of each round, users were awarded prize points equal to the sum of the tournament points earned by each of the staff members on their team. Users also received Neopoints equal to this sum divided by two. At the end of the tournament, users could spend their earned prize points at a special Altador Cup IX Staff Tournament prize shop. The prizes available in this shop are listed below:

Crumpled Gift Wrap
Set of Three Paper Airplanes
Empty Mint Box
Forgotten Cushion
1 point 30 points 100 points 250 points
Smelly Sock
Bouquet of Dried Roses
The Lost Art of Avoiding Meetings
Framed Photograph of an Expensive Toy Drone
450 point 1,000 points 1,000 points 3,500 points
Superhero Mask
Vile Liquid Dispensing Machine
5,000 point 7,000 points