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This article is about the plot details of the Altador Cup in 2009. For information about Yooyuball, see Altador Cup. For the plot details of 2006, 2007, and 2008 see Altador Cup I, Altador Cup II, and Altador Cup III respectively.

Altador Cup IV is the 4th installment of the annual Altador Cup Tournament. It is a flash game-centred plot which began on June 2nd, 2009.


The return of the Altador Cup was announced on the New Features page on May 29th 2009. Jellyneo discovered and released the new logo of Altador cup IV showing that Kiko Lake was back and Brightvale out, meaning to say that they were not participating . This year, TNT has introduced a new side game called Shootout Showdown to add three from the previous two existing side games, Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise.

Plot summary[edit]

With the return of the Altador Cup of 2009, it appears to not have brought much major roster changes in the 16 teams apart from Kiko Lake, who tilted their roster a bit. Changes were switching Ditan Colb from Goalkeeper to Right Defender as well Meela Kitah from Right Defender to Right Forward, to releasing both Left and Right Forwards, Helmo Timm and Moni Vyshan. Their new Goalkeeper was Brightvale's own former, Erli Quinnock.

Ac9 brightvale.gif

Prior to earlier reports, it was confirmed that indeed Brightvale was not participating in the four annual tournament. King Hagan had issued a decree that which his team was not participating in this year's Altador Cup. The recent decline in the quality of work being done by his kingdom's scholars was the basis of his decision. This is what the King had to say.

"It has been my personal observation, that in the weeks leading up to the arrival of this grand sporting spectacle, there's been far too much banner-making and memorizing of chants going on. As a result, the very foundation upon which this kingdom's reputation is based, its scholarship, has fallen prey to a serious case of neglect. Therefore, until my subjects have shown an ability to strike a harmonious balance between work and play, we shall forthwith be suspending our participation in the Altador Cup."

Whether or not the reason why Brightvale was not participating was the decline of embarrasing losses to his brother's Kingdom of Meridell. All what King Hagen was stated; "such accusations are not worth dignifying with a reply."

Ac9 kikolake.gif

Meaning to say Brightvale was out but what about Kiko Lake? Surely enough they were back or did they suffer from another unfortunate coincidence that led them to another nonappearance. Well that was proven wrong as they made their way back to the Yooyuball scene after a year of delay and it seem the delay was worth it as they landed an impressive victory over Maraqua's scrappy Yooyball squad, as well as wins in two of the three side contests. This is what the Captain, "Poke" Cellers had to say. "It was really important to get out there and get that first victory, to give ourselves something to build on after what happened last year, especially with all the changes we've had in our lineup, bringing in a new goalie during the offseason and moving Ditan and Meela to new positions... yeah, today's win is huge."

Though they had a superb start, it didn't seem to carry over to their second match against Kreludor as they were sweep quite hard. Though they can beat a team like Maraqua, it seems like they can't beat one of the tournament elite. Does it mean Kiko Lake is somewhere between the good and the best. Well only time will tell... But surely everyone now knows that Kiko Lake is back and will surely be a contender in this year's Altador cup.

Ac9 kreludor.gif

Mentioning about the tournament elite that had sweep Kiko Lake, a team that perhaps took the Altador Cup by storm. Which is none other than the moon-based teamed Kreludor. Kreludor had finish sixth last year, and expectations for Team Kreludor were far below entering this year's Altador Cup than previous before. Yet, hardly anyone foresaw the kind of virtue that they showed during the tournament's first week of play, reeling off an impressive six straight Yooyuball victories.

Oh, but not all have been convinced of Kreludor's performance in the early stages of the competition, however. As one tournament insider (who declined to speak on the record) stated: "Kreludor? Pfft... they've just been beating up on a bunch of sorry teams. Who have they really beaten? Faerieland? Altador? Virtupets? Meridell might've been a quality win in the past, but they're losing as many as they win nowadays. Granted, Kreludor beat Darigan Citadel on Opening Day, but Darigan's playing like an entirely different team right now. No way Team Kreludor would beat those guys today."

Fueling nay-sayers with more fuel, Kreludor's streak ended with a plummet that showed draws between Maraqua and Krawk Island. With the matches of Haunted Woods, Shenkuu, and Roo Island soon to come, it seems like Kreludor's season is at a indefinite crossroads. Could Kreludor show and prove their detractors wrong and deserve the spot with the sport's elite or take back to the spot of the middle of the pack- which they have for the last couple of AC's.

Ac9 darigan.gif

As the Altador Cup IV reaches the midway point, it have been a year of some surprising performances in the tournament, both bad and good. Some teams have been doing well so far, but perhaps the most significant surprise has been the dominance of the Darigan Citadel, which appears to have completely bounced back from last year's 7th place finish and more evidently what fans call "the winner's curse".

As previously mention, Darigan Castle had lost their first Yooyuball match against Kreludor, but Darigan has been nearly impossible to beat ever since, reeling off a dozen victories and only two ties without a single loss. They've hardly faltered on side games, either, reaching ten or more wins for the three side games during the tourney's first phase.

To comment about their recent success, team captain Layton Vickles had this to say, "It's been totally different this time around, as if we're re-learning how to have fun playing all over again. After winning in Year 9, there was just this incredible amount of pressure to come back and repeat, and that tension really worked against us."

That's certainly inclining to that of Roo Island, last year's champions, can relate to right now. At the tournament's halfway mark Roo Island stands as, of then, far and away, the tournament's biggest disappointment, losing more than half their contests. While most experts doubt that Roo Island is capable of surging a second half charge straight towards the finals, but as the old sporting cliché goes, "one should never underestimate the heart of a champion..."

Ac9 finals.gif

With the second phase of the Altador Cup's double round robin coming to a close, the tournament's finalists have now been determined. The four teams competing for this year's title are Kreludor, Krawk Island, The Lost Desert, and Shenkuu, with the Darigan Citadel narrowly missing a spot in the finals and finishing fifth.

Ac9 winner poses.gif

The tournament's final round came to this conclusion, with top-seeded Kreludor taking on fourth-ranked Shenkuu. In a matchup between the two and three seeds, Krawk Island will be squaring off against The Lost Desert. The winner of each pairing will then advance to the final match, where the tournament's champion will be decided.

The other three brackets were:

Bracket 2: Top seeded Darigan Citadel taking on fourth Mystery Island while second and third ranked Maraqua and Tyrannia battling it out.

Bracket 3: Top seeded Haunted Woods taking on fourth Virtupets while second and third ranked Roo Island and Meridell battling it out.

Bracket 4: Top seeded Kiko Lake taking on fourth Faerieland while second and third ranked Terror Mountain and Altador battling it out.

Krawk Island, which had failed to win the Altador Cup tournament in three previous trips to the finals, took advantage of top-seeded Kreludor's surprising defeat to claim the trophy that they've desperately sought for so long, taking full advantage of a weary Shenkuu team in the tournament's championship match.

A well-rounded squad with no apparent weaknesses, Kreludor entered the finals as the only team to earn 20 or more wins in each of the tournament's four activities during the double round robin phase. In squaring off against Shenkuu, however, they ran into a team who were prepared to play the match of their lives and show far more hustle, intensity, and sheer will than any other team, especially since Kreludor get the best of them just a week earlier.

It seems almost a shame then (although certainly understandable) that by the time Shenkuu reached the finals they were thoroughly spent, unable to maintain the level of focus and execution that had exceeded them to pull off one of the greatest upset in tournament finals history. It was into this fortunate situation that stepped a Krawk Island squad who, determined to not be turned away a fourth time, seized upon this inevitable opportunity to make good and finally "win one for Ol' Dash."

Altador Cup IV ended with the pirates (Krawk Island) beating out the ninjas (Shenkuu) after what seem to have been a most memorable season and giving Ol' Dash the trophy he so indefinitely deserves. While Lost Desert took 3rd place by beating Kreludor, who were first at the end of double round robin and were top contenders for the cup but in the end took 4th.

The 2nd bracket ended with Maraqua winning over Mystery Island and taking 5th place, a major accomplishment from last year's 10th finish. While Darigan Citadel beating out side game powerhouse Tyrannia to take the same rank from previous, 7th.

The 3rd bracket came with Roo Island beating out Haunted Woods for 9th, a major dealt to their 1st place from last year. While Meridell, who also came from a big dealt last year from being 5th, taking 11th by beating Virtupets.

The 4th and last bracket manage to give Terror Mountain the 13th place from Kiko Lake, who were thought to be a contender this year but didn't follow through. While in the bottom of standings, Altador just edge the 15th spot from Faerieland who took last.

Overall Team Breakdown[edit]


Altador came with 15th place in Altador Cup IV, after losing to Terror Mountain n the first round then taking the win from Faerieland in the second round of the Finals. Though they were second-to-last in Altador Cup IV, they came with the worst overall statistics; in Yooyuball with no wins, 1 draw, and 29 losses but doing better in the three side games with a combined 7 wins, 7 draws, and 76 losses altogether. Altador Cup IV gave Altador their worst placing as of yet after taking 13th place for the previous two season.

Darigan Citadel[edit]

Darigan Citadel ends up at 7th place for a second straight year after losing to Maraqua in the first round of the Finals but then won over Tyrannia in the second round. Though with their middle-of the pack placement, Darigan Citadel had the second best overall statistics of Altador Cup IV - only behind to Lost Desert, respectively. They tied Shenkuu with the second best Yooyuball record of Altador cup IV with having 21 wins, 4 draws, and 5 losses but as well as having a decent side game prowess with the three side games combined to give them 51 wins, 16 draws, and 23 losses. Altador Cup IV's ranking for Darigan Citadel tied them for their worst placement from last year's performance after being second in Altador Cup I then winning in Altador Cup II.


Faerieland ended being 16th out of the 16 teams playing in the Altador Cup, after losing to Kiko Lake in the first round of the Finals and Altador in the second round. Though they were last in the rankings out of the 16 teams in Altador cup IV, overall in the standings, they did not get the lowest statistics with Yooyuball and the 3 side games combined with only Altador having the worst. Faerieland ended up with 2 wins, 1 draw, and 27 losses in Yooyuball but their side game skills were the worst of AC IV with a combined total in all 3 side games equaling to 0 wins, 1 draw, and 89 losses. Altador Cup IV gave Faerieland their second time as being last in the rankings wich they had avoided from the previous two seasons- taking 15th place in both AC II & III.

Haunted Woods[edit]

Haunted Woods finish with 10th place out of the 16 teams that competed during the Altador Cup IV after beating Meridell in the first round of the finals but then lost to last year's champion Roo Island in the second round. With 10th place overall for Altador Cup IV, they manage to get a better statistic, out of the 16 teams that competed, they were better than 8 teams but out-bested by 7 other teams giving them the 6th best statistics. Haunted Woods had 13 wins, 5 draws, and 12 losses in Yooyuball with an almost equal force in the side games which overall came together with 39 wins, 16 draws, and 35 losses. Altador Cup IV's ranking gave Haunted Woods their worst ranking ever after winning Altador Cup I to getting mediocre rankings the next two AC's afterward with a 7th place ranking followed by an 8th place ranking.

Kiko Lake[edit]

Kiko Lake came up with 14th place in a second consecutive year (excluding the year before where Kiko Lake didn't participate) which they got after they beat Faerieland in the first round than lost to Terror Mountain in the second round of the finals. Though they came up with the third lowest standing, they had a more approachable statistics to rely on as they got the 12th best with only their 4th tear-mates and Virtupets having worst records. Kiko Lake had 7 wins, 2 draws, and 21 losses in Yooyuball with slightly better side game skills which overall combined were 27 wins, 9 draws, and 54 losses. After missing out Altador cup III, Kiko Lake didn't make further headway in the standings for Altador Cup IV which is tied for their worst ranking back to AC II and one place worst than AC 1 where they got 13th.

Krawk Island[edit]

Krawk Island had beaten Lost Desert in the first round in the finals while Shenkuu likewise beaten the number one seed, Kreludor, so the final match was to be Krawk Island vs. Shenkuu. Krawk Island edge out Shenkuu in the second round which gave them 1st place in the standings, bragging rights of the year plus the coveted Altador Cup trophy. Even though they came with the AC, they didn't get the highest statistics overall but the 4th highest with Lost Desert, Darigan Citadel, and Shenkuu having better records. Krawk Island had 20 wins, 7 draws, and 3 losses in Yooyuball but surprisingly had better side game records which was overall was 66 wins, 8 draws, and 16 losses. After Krawk Island's finals experience for the last three years which were AC I: 3rd, AC II: 4th and AC III: 2nd, fans did not expect much from Krawk Island but expect the unexpected, as is rightfully suited for Krawk Island which after three years of not getting the top overall, finally got it, in Altador cup IV.


Kreludor was the top seeded team coming to the finals so expectations for them to win the AC IV was high but the expectations slowly diminished as they lost to Shenkuu in the first round followed up with the disappointing lost to Lost Desert in the second round of the finals to give them 4th place. With 4th place for the year, overall statically, they had the records to back up their ranking as they had the fifth best record out of the 16 teams. Tied with the winner Krawk Island with 20 wins, they were just 1 draw away (6) and a loss one to much (4), to tying with Krawk Island in Yoouyuball records but they did have better records overall in side games than Krawk Island with 68 wins, 14 draws, and 8 losses. Kreludor's highest ranking ever in the last 4 AC, it was a better improvement from 9th in Altador Cup I, to missing Altador Cup II, and then last year's standing of 6th.

Lost Desert[edit]

Lost Desert took 3rd place in Altador Cup IV after losing to Krawk Island in the first round of the finals but had manage to defeat Kreludor in the second round. Despite taking the last spot in the podium, but statically, they would have taken first. Lost Desert has the highest record out off the 16 teams that participated in Altador Cup IV with the best Yooyuball record consisting of 22 wins, 6 draws, and 2 losses with a combine side game win/loss/tie of 52 wins, 14 draws, and 24 losses. In the first two AC's, Lost Desert took 5th place back to back. Surprisingly, in the following; AC III and in Altador Cup IV, Lost Desert had manage to get the same rank once again but in this case, it was 3rd.


Maraqua finishes in 5th place after beating Tyrannia in the first round and Mystery Island in the second round of the finals. With 19 wins, 5 draws, and 6 losses in Yooyuball and a combined score in the side games of 30 wins, 10 draws, and 50 losses; Maraqua secured the 6th highest best record out of the 16 teams. AC IV, has Maraqua's highest ranking to date (5th) after AC 1= 10th, AC II= 9th, and AC III= 10th. During the regular season, Maraqua succeeded in winning and incredible seventeen game streak but they eventually lost to the Krawk Island (Who coincidentally won AC IV).


Meridell secured 11th place after losing too Roo Island in the first round of the finals and then winning over Virtupets in the second round. Meridell had the 10th best record after 11 wins, 5 draws, and 14 losses in Yooyuball and side game which combined is 31 wins, 13 draws, and 46 losses. By far, 11th place is Meridell's worst rankinging of the previous three which Meridell took 7th for AC I, 8th for AC II, and 5th for AC III- which was the highest improvement (3) out of the 16 teams in that year.

Mystery Island[edit]

Mystery Island finished in 6th place after beating Darigan Cirtadel in the first round and the losing to Maraqua in the second round of the finals. With their 7th best record; with Yooyuball W/D/L equaling to 18 wins, 7 draws, and 5 losses and combine side game W/D/L of 28 wins, 12 draws, and 50 losses, they had just the right placement in the standings. Mystery Island had 6th place again for AC IV, which is their highest ranking but which they had in previous AC's (AC I & II) and only their 9th place standing in AC III have been their worst.

Roo Island[edit]

Roo Island came 9th place after beating out Meridell in the first round of the finals, and then Haunted Woods in the second round of the 3rd bracket. Roo island had the 10th best record with 12 wins, 8 draws, and 10 losses in Yooyuball which was almost identical to the three side game records; Slushie Slinger: 12 wins 3 draws 15 losses, Make Some Noise:12 wins 7 draws 11 losses, and Shootout Showdown:9 wins 3 draws 18 losses. Taking 9th place in AC IV is a major difference from being Champions from the AC III. Altador Cup IV is also Roo Island's worst season to date; after taking 4th in Altador Cup 1, 2nd in Altador Cup II, and as mentioned, winning Altador Cup III.


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Terror Mountain[edit]

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Plot participation[edit]

The gameplay is similar to Altador Cup II and III, where players choose and contribute points to their selected team. Players are not allowed to change their team after the registration period.

Altador Cup IV still uses the "double round robin" tournament play, introduced in Altador Cup II. Each team will play with the other fifteen teams twice, after which all teams will take part in the four days finals phase. The finals consist of a playoff match-up and a final match-up, each lasts for two days. The 16 teams will split into four groups according to their ranking. In the playoff match-up, the highest and lowest ranked teams for each group will play against each other, while the second and third ranked teams for each group play against each other. The two winning teams of each group will play against each other for the first place within their group, while the two losing teams fight for the third place.

Players can contribute points to their team by scoring goals in Yooyuball, and also by playing Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown. The results for all four games will be evaluated separately and contribute to the player's team overall standing in the tournament.

Final Team Standings[edit]

Standing Team
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
14th Place
15th Place
16th Place

NC Challenge[edit]

The NC Challenge is a newly introduced feature to the Altador Cup, featuring the new side game, Shootout Showdown. For you to participate in the challenge, you will need to purchase Game Tickets from the Altador Cup Shop. One Game Ticket is needed for each challenge. Once a NC challenge is started, you have up until the Altador Cup ends to complete it. However, you can't start one challenge before completing the previous one. You can earn one Neocash item reward for every challenge, and those who complete all of the 34 challenges can receive a bonus NC item reward.

  • Day 1: Yooyuball Strategy Background
  • Day 2: Designer Eye Patch
  • Day 3: Waving Altador Cup Pennant
  • Day 4: Crazy Altador Cup Foam Hat
  • Day 5: Laurel Leaf Belt
  • Day 6: Referee Smasher
  • Day 7: Blast Off Space Rocket
  • Day 8: Green Island Hat
  • Day 9: Pretzel with Melted Cheese
  • Day 10: Golden Yooyu Locket
  • Day 11: Maraquan Wind Chimes and Altador Cup This Way Sign
  • Day 12: Extra Large Jousting Lance
  • Day 13: Stained Altador Cup Workout Shirt
  • Day 14: Virtupets Map Screen
  • Day 15: Altador Cup Stadium Wave Background
  • Day 16: Tyrannian Lunch Bag
  • Day 17: Yooyuball Snowglobe and Altador Cup Nail Varnish Set
  • Day 18: King Altadors Golden Noil Throne
  • Day 19: Skeletal Face Paint
  • Day 20: Kiko Hammer
  • Day 21: Yooyuball Lava Lamp
  • Day 22: Spike Darigan Bracers
  • Day 23: Yooyu Purse
  • Day 24: Sparkling Ice Staff
  • Day 25: Faerie Make-up
  • Day 26: Fiery Yooyu Pizza
  • Day 27: Delicate Desert Pottery
  • Day 28: Rough Game Bandage
  • Day 29: Gikerot Kite and Yooyu Marble Set
  • Day 30: Roo Island Toy Merry Go Round
  • Day 31: Altador Cup Warm-up Tote
  • Day 32: Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie
  • Day 33: Altador Cup Sunglasses
  • Day 34: Altador Cup Confetti Shower


Roo Island's trophy!?
  • When TNT released the picture of which Dasher is holding the trophy of which Krawk Island won, if you look closely on the team colors in the middle of the trophy, it seem to reveal that Brightvale had actually played while Kiko Lake wasn't, while another thing is that Kreludor's position seem to have shifted as well. Which mean that Dasher could be carrying the Altador cup trophy that Roo Island had won last year.

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