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Terror Mountain's Yooyuball team was known as "the worst team a fortune can buy" in 2006, due to the collection of talented players who failed to come together and play as a team when they were defeated by Darigan Citadel. Terror Mountain's management has since begun moving away from their overpriced free agent signings of years past and started rebuilding for the future. The centrepiece of the youth movement was Osielle Lidel, a speedy young forward who stepped in to replace Tico Tems in 2007. While Lidel has the makings of a future superstar, it could be a year or two before he has the kind of team around him ready to seriously challenge the Altador Cup.

In 2010 they made a big trade to Tyrannia: Elbin Kroe for Evrem Guilako. Due to this trade and their record setting Shootout Showdown record, they came in 9th place.

In Altador Cup VI they improved very much and got out of the third tier and fought to get 5th place. They were defeated by Meridell and Darigan Citadel and ended in 8th place.

Under the new system of play, Terror Mountain's crew seemed to suffer greatly - claiming only one Yooyuball win in the first two rounds. However, in the second half of the tournament, they cleaned up their act and began to pick wins here and there, though still generally under-performing against top tier threats. Despite their hardships, the team managed to slide into a tie with Brightvale for 11th.

In Altador Cup VIII Terror Mountain was more focused then ever. They started sloppy but grew in strength all the way to the top. In the end this was good enough for a 7th place, the best ranking ever for Prytariel's team.

A year after their best ranking ever, the expectations were high and tensed for Team Terror Mountain. Perhaps a bit too tensed for the players in Altador Cup IX. They couldn't get into their usual flow and when they finally did in the last round it was too late. Still, they made it to the 13th place and tied with Roo Island and Shenkuu.

Terror Mountain's renaissance came to them in Altador Cup X, when a sudden increase in sweeps by Terror Mountain's hands raised eyebrows and dropped jaws. Having claimed a shocking number of sweeps and having held their own against Kreludor and Lost Desert, Team Terror Mountain claimed their best finish yet - a 5th place finish.

If Altador Cup X was Terror Mountain's renaissance, then Altador Cup XI was their Dark Age, because following their best finish followed a tie for their worst finish yet. Terror Mountain had suddenly found itself unable to take the same wins that were made possible the previous year, making fans of the previously rising Team Terror Mountain quite worried. They ultimately finished in 15th, their worst showing yet since the very first Altador Cup where they finished in much of the same place.



Team positions are as follows (bold denotes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Minae Mitora Selwick Phoss Rinok Fitel Prytariel Tico Tems
2007 Osielle Lidel
2008 Elbin Kroe
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2010 Minae Mitora Rinok Fitel Evrem Guilako Prytariel Osielle Lidel

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 15th
2007 10th
2008 12th
2009 13th
2010 9th
2011 8th
2012 11th (tie)
2013 7th
2014 13th (tie)
2015 5th
2016 15th