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With half of the United States buried under record snowfall, now seems like the perfect time to stay inside, keep safe and warm, and play the 2014 Games Master Challenge! This year's challenge is now live, so head on over to the Neopets website, submit some scores, and earn some exclusive prizes!

This year, there are no teams. Instead, AAA will be issuing two challenges each day of the event. It looks like there will be a special prize for completing each challenge on the day it is released, so remember to check in with AAA everyday! Discuss GMC '14 at the PinkPT Forums!

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Mira, often simply called the Space Faerie, is an extremely powerful faerie who lives among the stars. She protects Neopia, Kreludor, and the Virtupets Space Station from threats from outer space. She is most famous for defeating Dr. Sloth by turning his own mutation ray against him. Mira rarely visits the surface of Neopia, and usually only does so in the case of an utmost emergency.

The Space Faerie has short blue hair, red eyes, dark skin, and four dragonfly-like wings. Find out more? >
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