Shootout Showdown

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Shootout Showdown
Shootout Showdown
ID # 1106
World Altador
Category Action
High Scores
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Shootout Showdown is one of the four games that is exclusive to the Altador Cup. It was first introduced during Altador Cup IV. In this game, players must score five goals against the practice team's goalkeeper within a sixty second time limit.

How To Play[edit]

A game of Shootout Showdown in progress.

The player can use the left and right arrow keys to position their shot. Once their shot is positioned, they can hold down the space bar to charge up their shot. While charging their shot, the player can angle their shot using the left and right arrow keys. When the player lets go of the space bar, their shot is fired. The game ends when either the player has scored five goals or the sixty second time limit has expired.

Each goal scored earns the player 35 points. The player is also given bonus points at the end of the game based on the accuracy of their shots and the amount of time taken.

Everytime a player sumbits a Shootout Showdown score of 35 points or more, they earn points toward their next Altador Cup rank. They also earn victory points for their Altador Cup team.