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Altador Cup VI is the sixth Altador Cup tournment. It began on 1 June 2011 and ended on 10 July 2011.

Team Bios[edit]

In the weeks leading up to the Cup, TNT slowly released information on each team. These included fun facts, humorous jokes, and quotes from players:

Brightvale: Brightvale Seeks Statistical Advantage-After years of poor showings, Brightvale put their land's scholarly expertise to use. "We've brought in a statistical guru," defender Montecito explained, "who's crunched the numbers to give us an idea of what a player will do in a certain situation. Take, for instance, Volgoth from Mystery Island. 84% of the time he runs right over you and 9% of the time he passes. The other 7% of the time he gets distracted by something shiny in the crowd."
Darigan Citadel: Comic Relief Key to Darigan's Success?-Considering their team's fearsome nature, it may be hard to believe Darigan's players are avid practical jokers. "Frein's the worst one," forward Tandrak Shaye revealed. "He got his nickname, 'The Terror,' long before playing Yooyuball. You learn quick with that one -- if you need something from the kitchen, you'd best take your food with you, or else it will be tampered with. Make no mistake, however -- we're all business out on the field."
Haunted Woods Mind Over (Brain) Matter-"If you'd asked me a year ago if a zombie could play Yooyuball, I would've said you were crazy," said Team Captain Krell Vitor. "Playing with Brains last year really opened my eyes. Sure, he's not fast and he hasn't got a head for strategy, but you'll never find a player with more tenacity and dedication." So what is the secret of Brains Mortigan's success? His teammates tell him the Yooyu is a tasty brain before every play.
Kiko Lake: No Kicking Back in Kiko Lake-Right Forward Meela Kitah shared with us a Kiko Lake success story: "None of us are millionaires, and our community has never been excited about Yooyuball, so it was a real struggle getting to the Cup. Our first year, Poke got a job with Health Frog Groceries delivering door to door, Holbie helped out in his uncle's antique shop, and I sold newspapers. Anything so we could go to the Cup. Playing in the Colosseum is a dream come true."
Krawk Island: Catching Up with "Dasher" Soley-Krawk Island's "Dasher" Soley may have hung up his sling, but that doesn't mean this Yooyuball legend hasn't been busy. When asked what he's been up to lately, "Ol' Dash" replied, "Oh, you know... anything to keep me competitive juices flowin'. I enjoy a good game of Armada from time to time, plus I've been teachin' me Blurtle, Go-Go, to play Deckball. Other than that, though... *sigh*... just a lot of waiti-I mean, whittling. I love to whittle."
Kreludor: Exclusive News from Kreludor-Team captain Derlyn Fonnet tells us she's become penpals with Haunted Woods player "Brains" Mortigan. "He's pretty witty," she admits, "and he's got great tips for Yooyuball. We're still very competitive, of course." Meanwhile, teammates Zenor and Qyldae spent a little too much time relaxing in the sun last month in Qasala and came back with terrible sunburns, but we hear they're recovering thanks to a few dozen Grape Slurpships.
Lost Desert: Lost Desert Gets a Shot of New Blood-The saying goes "If it isn't broken, don't fix it," so why would Team Lost Desert tinker with a winning formula? "Lamelle was a great asset to our team, but he said the desert was just too dry for a Kiko," said Vonde Cayle in a recent interview. "We wish him the best and are looking forward to working with our new teammate." Who will Lost Desert's new Right Defender be? A plucky young Ruki? A tough Tonu? We'll have to wait and see when the Altador Cup kicks off!
Maraqua: Behind the Scenes with Maraqua-Approaching Maraqua's locker room, the first sound you hear is the clatter of smashing dishes. "What's this?" a voice booms. "An Ocean Delight Salad?! Even a casual fan would know I always have Spicy Radish Salad for my pre-game meal! And you? The match is about to start, and my sling's Maractite casing is nowhere near being polished to my standard. GAAAHHH! I'm surrounded by buffoons!" Maybe now isn't the best time to meet your favourite player?
Meridell: Golden Opportunities in Meridell-The Meridell team has been busy this year. Captain "Wizard" Windelle organised a charity ball for Faerieland, raising Neopoints from Meridell's nobility, while Fiorina and Ilsa sponsored a junior Yooyuball league in their hometown of Meri Acres. "It's so much fun to give back to the community," Fiorina tells us. In sadder news, Gregorio sprained his tail in the Battledome, but he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the Cup.
Moltara: An Extra Spring in Their Step-Yooyuball teams are always on the lookout for a way to get a leg up on their competition, and the team from Moltara may have found one! "Tangor approached us recently about making some gear for the team," said Mor Gollog. "There was talk of spring-loaded slings and even a steam-powered jetpack. In the end, though, we decided it was best to rely on our own natural abilities. Having our loyal fans cheer us on is the greatest advantage we can have!"
Mystery Island: Nuts About Mystery Island-Forward Bertie Shurtz and defender Vela Binal have been promoting coconut awareness all over Mystery Island this year. "Coconuts are an important part of the ecology on the island," Bertie tells us. "We don't give them enough credit." Earlier this year, Teylore Nix went home to help out with the family business, sailing tourists to and from Mystery Island, but he promises he's back to training hard and will be ready for the Cup.
Roo Island: A Sticky Situation-What can a Yooyuball team do when their shipment of practice Yooyus never arrives? Well, if they're Team Roo Island, they turn to gummies! "I was doubtful at first," said team captain Lilo Blumario, "but King Roo spared no expense and even had the Chocolate Factory rig up an exploding gummy Yooyu to mimic the clockwork Yooyus." The only downside? "We just have to keep Gordo Gunnels from eating the gummy Yooyus before practice is over."
Shenkuu: Looking to the Skies-Every Yooyuball fan has their own way of guessing how well their favourite team will do in the Altador Cup, but none has a method as unique as that of the Wise Old Gnorbu at the Lunar Temple. He lets Kreludor guide him! "It's a very intricate system," the Gnorbu claims. "I noticed that our Yooyuball team performs better when Kreludor is waning, so I make my friendly wagers accordingly." Well, it makes as much sense as reading tea leaves or flipping a coin, doesn't it?
Terror Mountain: Terror Mountain Seeks to Raise Support-"It's a vicious cycle," defender Rinok Fitel explained. "The trip to Altador's difficult, so not many fans make it. Less support puts the team at a disadvantage, so then we don't play as well, which discourages fans even more." This offseason the team's tried plenty of ways to break the cycle. "We've reached out to the fans with lots of promotion and did a toy drive with Donny's Repair Shop to help with travel costs. We're doing all we can."
Tyrannia: Toughing It Out in Tyrannia-"Scrap" Taggert says that his team looks forward to playing in the Altador Colosseum again. "For our home games, we use the Grarrl Keno Bowl, so we have to take everything down whenever there's a hatching. It's a lot of work." Team captain Loryche says Tyrannia plans to bring a stronger game than ever to the Cup and admits that Tyrannia held recruitment drives earlier this year, but there is no word yet of any roster changes.
Virtupets: Gearing Up with Virtupets Space Station-Team captain Keetra Deile tells us that her team is training with the Ogrin Master. Meanwhile, Weldar Xupenfarb has signed a sponsorship deal with Kacheek and Sons Landscaping, who announced that they have big plans for Space Station facilities. We also heard that XL Striker 3.8 went in for a complete chassis overhaul and had this to say: "This Striker unit is now fully upgraded with the latest virtual adrenaline technology. Game on."


Altador Cup VI was quite unlike anyone predicted. After the double round robin, the five finals brackets were released. The first had Krawk Island upsetting Kreludor and Virtupets owning Maraqua. The Space Station's momentum carried into the Championship, and nearly swept the Pirates. Despite the hype surrounding Terror Mountain's amazing year, they were utterly defeated by Meridell and Darigan Citadel, finishing in eighth. Former champions Lost Desert failed to meet any expectations they tried to meet for the year, and finished in a mediocre 13th. Althought losing even twice to Altador and finishing in dead last two years in a row, Moltara proved to be something new by winning their first-ever yooyuball game-5 to be exact!

Final Team Standings[edit]

Standing Team
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
14th Place
15th Place
16th Place
17th Place
18th Place

Staff Tournament[edit]

Main article: Altador Cup VI Staff Tournament

The 2011 staff tournament began June 6 and ended July 1. Rather than having a knockout tournament as in Altador Cup V, 18 staff members were assigned to a team and categorized as either a forward, defender, or goalie. Users then created a 6-person team using two forwards, two defenders, and one goalie. At the end of the contest, the total points earned by the team were added together and used as currency for the prize shop.


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