Jelly World Practice Team

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Team Jelly World as it appeared in Altador Cup IX.

Although Jelly World does not enter the tournament itself, their Yooyuball team can be played against by users for practice before the Altador Cup begins, and in between matches.

From 2006, in Altador Cup I, their symbol was a blue jelly on an orange background, and they had the following five, unnamed team members:

  • Jelly Kougra - Goalkeeper, Team Captain
  • Jelly Kau - Left Forward
  • Jelly Usul - Right Forward
  • Jelly Blumaroo - Right Defender
  • Jelly Techo - Left Defender

In Altador Cup III in 2008, the line up was totally overhauled, and featured five Jelly Chias playing under a new badge - a Jelly Chia on a background of magenta and lime green. The players are all named for yellow Tropical Foods:

  • Lemoran - Center Forward
  • Togobo - Left Defender
  • Vinarok - Center Defender
  • Zeenana - Right Defender
  • Wartroot - Goalkeeper