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Team Altador's line up in Altador Cup IX - featuring, front row from left, "Trapper" Remis, Foltaggio, and Winberto Seliz; back row from left, Salayne Ritad and Lyvon Cibaire.

Altador's Yooyuball team boasts an airtight defence, allowing them to usually win with only one goal per game. During the 2006 season, they averaged the least amount of goals allowed per game coming into the Altador Cup, though it is questionable if they could generate enough scoring to stay in the tournament.

Having lost in Round One of the 2006 tournament, many were lead to believe Altador was out of practice after the thousand year hiatus, which prompted them to work hard during the following year's practices, exhibitions, and regular season matches, making them fighting fit and ready to prove the loss was a fluke. Team Captain "Trapper" Remis cautioned the "so-called experts" that picking against them was madness, and was quoted telling the press, "After all, let's not forget who invented the game. No one's gonna stop us from taking back what's rightfully ours." But after placing 13th twice, 14th once, and then 15th and 17th three times, excuses were gone for the Altador team. However, in Altador Cup VI, they finished behind only one other team in Slushie Slinger.

In Altador Cup V, they traded their Right Defender Timu for Foltaggio, the Left Forward of Team Shenkuu. After years of misery the Altador Team finally achieved a podium place in Altador Cup VIII. They ended up at the 2nd place, they were only unable to defeat Team Tyrannia.

Very little people expected that Team Altador would keep up the pace they had in 2013, but the final results of Altador Cup IX was even worse then anyone ever thought it would be. Completely out of balance and without a single bit of resemblance with their play of the last year, Altador finished 18th. Even though they often scored low in the league, this was the first time they had ever come bottom.

Altador Cup X proved to be only a bit of a redemption for Team Altador, who managed to crawl their way back up from last place to a far more respectable 12th. Though hardly anywhere near their 2nd place finish in the year previous, it was still a much stronger finish than anticipated. Team Altador continued to rise up in the rankings with critical wins in Altador Cup XI, managing to rise ever so slightly to finish 10th place, oddly enough, their second best finish yet.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Salayne Ritad Cawley Embith "Trapper" Remis Timu Winberto Seliz
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Centre Defender Right Defender Centre Forward
2007 Salayne Ritad Lyvon Cibaire "Trapper" Remis Timu Winberto Seliz
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2012 Salayne Ritad Lyvon Cibaire "Trapper" Remis Foltaggio Winberto Seliz

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 14th
2007 13th
2008 13th
2009 15th
2010 17th
2011 17th
2012 17th
2013 2nd
2014 18th
2015 12th
2016 10th