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Team Haunted Woods' line up in 2014 - from left, Fanetti, Crade Talvos, Krell Vitor, Zo Junior, and "Brains" Mortigan.

The Haunted Woods Yooyuball team subscribes to the old saying "defense wins championships," and has built its team to shut down forwards and force mistakes which create easy scoring opportunities for them, requires plenty of discipline and determination from the other team to defeat them. The Haunted Woods won the Altador Cup of 2006.

With the retirement of veteran defender Chelo Binay in 2007, it was questioned whether the defensive unit of the team would be as good as last years. If the playing of newcomer Autrey Fulse was any indication, Haunted Woods fans with hopes of back-to-back titles wouldn't need to worry. However, the favourites going into last year's tournament were Altador, Faerieland, and Mystery Island, so it's uncertain how the year would go. A disappointment to Haunted Woods fans was a drop from a championship to 7th, then continuing a gradual slide from grace with a 8th in '08 and 10th in '09. But in 2010, in hope of stopping their loosing skid, they added a new Centre Defender "Brains" Mortigan. However, they in fact did worse than the previous year, finishing 12th.

The team crawled back up from the wreckage in Altador Cup VI, and though they weren't quite able to reach second tier, the team stayed strong to push up one spot to 11th. The team was defeated by Shenkuu but won against Brightvale.

Altador Cup VII was a rough year for the Haunted Woods, with their Yooyuball record being quite weak. In fact, in their 24 matches, only once did they win Yooyuball. However, their side-game ability was much better, which enabled them to push up the rankings yet again to 9th place.

2013 was the lucky year for Team Haunted Woods. Altador Cup VIII was probably the best Cup for Haunted Woods in 5 years. They swept many teams and as the tournament went on they kept getting even better. However, they're performances were only average, and so they finished 9th in a tie with Team Maraqua. In the next year an old veteran who helped to achieve the Cup in the first year, Wan Dirx decided to retire from Yooyuball. He made this decision for the better of the Team, and to clear his place for new young energy. Fans noted that he will always be remembered as a legendary defender. His replacement is Crade Talvos, a Wraith Draik.


In Altador Cup IX Haunted Woods was once again a contestant for the title thanks to the sharpness of the young talent Crade Talvos. Old times were reborn when it quickly became clear that Haunted Woods would become a serious favorite to win the Cup. They swept almost every team with sky-high numbers. The moment of truth came in the fourth round when they faced off with the two other favorites: Virtupets and Moltara. But they were no match for the Haunties. When it was all over Haunted Woods stood on top and won the Altador Cup IX! And so, eight years after their first victory to become the first winner of the Altador Cup, Haunted Woods has become the very first team to win the Altador Cup twice! A both historic as well as ironic achievement.

But the victory did not translate well as the team would begin to earn more dubious distinctions. In Altador Cup X, the Haunted Woods team suffered loss after humiliating loss, getting swept time after time after time. The horrifying losses did little to boost morale throughout the remainder of the tournament, leading to the greatest single fall in standings from one year to the next - from first to dead last. Altador Cup XI made things worse by changing absolutely nothing about their progress; only performing favorably against Moltara and Virtupets, Team Haunted Woods finished last again, making them the second team to finish in last place for two years in a row, the first being Moltara.


Haunted woods logo.gif

Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Fanetti Krell Vitor Chelo Binay Wan Dirx Zo Junior
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Centre Defender Right Defender Centre Forward
2007 Fanetti Krell Vitor Autrey Fulse Wan Dirx Zo Junior
2010 "Brains" Mortigan
2014 Crade Talvos

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 1st
2007 7th
2008 8th
2009 10th
2010 12th
2011 11th
2012 9th
2013 9th (tie)
2014 1st
2015 18th
2016 18th