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Team Mystery Island's line up in 2014 - from left, Lor Benneveldt, Vela Binal, Teylor Nix, Volgoth, and Selmon Woulf.

Mystery Island's Yooyuball team is led by Teylore Nix and the unstoppable brute force of Volgoth. They entered the 2006 Altador Cup with a punishing offensive arsenal few teams could hope to keep pace with, and were the odds-on favourite to bring home the cup despite the shaky status of their goalkeeper. After defeating Faerieland in Round One, however, Mystery Island's scoring duo was stopped by Krawk Island goaltender Garven Hale. The following year, Mystery Island kept the same roster, yet the team was quick to point out they're more wiser and reliant on brains than sheer speed and brute force, making it seem their defeat humbled them to bring out their very best. However in the middle of the season, their star defender Maital Koric got injured in a game against Meridell half way through the season and Mystery Island was forced to replace him the the inexperienced Vela Binal. However, Binal rose to the occasion and they finished 2007 in 6th place, same as the previous year. In 2008, Mystery Island had a new goalkeeper and a new spirit, hoping to finally crack the top 4. However, they had a rough year and finished 9th. But in 2009 they were back to their old ways, finishing 6th. However, their victory was short lived because the following year they finish 14th, the worst they had ever done. Altador Cup VI continued to pull inconsistent matchups, finishing the year in 14th yet again, after winning against Kiko Lake and losing to Lost Desert.

After the inclusion of Selmon Woulf as a replacement for Bertie Shurtz, in Altador Cup VII, the Mystery Island team had an incredibly successful outburst. It was obvious from the beginning; having not lost a single Yooyuball match until towards the end of the second round, they were highly successful throughout all the rounds. Claiming win after win against powerhouses such as Lost Desert and Maraqua, and even defeating Krawk Island and Meridell, two favorites going into the tournament, fans saw them as a team to be feared. By the end of the four rounds, Mystery Island soared to a tie for 2nd place, alongside Meridell. In doing so, they went into the tiebreaker match, in which the team was victorious against Meridell and secured 2nd place.

After a historical achievement, Mystery Island gravely disappointed in Altador Cup VIII where they became 15th.

The series of disappointments were followed by a small growth in the rankings of Altador Cup IX for Team Mystery Island. They had a very average tournament, in which they won some and lost some. Bounced up and down in de bracket rankings to finally end up 11th of the Altador Cup IX.

Altador Cup X, unfortunately, did little to make anything of Mystery Island's improvement. Unfortunately for them, they had trouble with consistency and really had to work hard for their victories, only for their inconsistency to let them down against teams that they should have realistically had little trouble against. By the end of the tournament, Team Mystery Island had fallen back to a disappointing 15th place.

Altador Cup XI finally saw Mystery Island's rise to their ultimate glory. Starting off very low-key, the islanders were able to hold their own against teams that would later grow to be the contenders, such as Faerieland and Kiko Lake. By the end of the tournament, Team Mystery Island had really found its comfort zone, taking exemplary wins against fellow powerhouses and even improving on old scores. Thanks to their persistence and strength in the latter parts of the tournament, Team Mystery Island managed to claim 1st place and become the tenth different team to win the Altador Cup.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Yaniq Avaan Maital Koric Teylor Nix Bertie Shurtz Volgoth
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2007 Yaniq Avaan Maital Koric
Vela Binal (substitute)
Teylor Nix Bertie Shurtz Volgoth
2008 Lor Benneveldt Vela Binal
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2012 Lor Benneveldt Selmon Woulf Vela Binal Teylor Nix Volgoth

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 6th
2007 6th
2008 9th
2009 6th
2010 14th
2011 14th
2012 2nd
2013 15th
2014 11th
2015 15th
2015 1st