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Roo Island's Yooyuball team consists of also-rans and inexperienced rookies, but received a huge boost when Lilo Blumario, one of the game's top players, decided to take a pay cut and sign up with his hometown club. In what was considered improbable and the biggest story of Altador Cup 2006, Roo Island managed to reach Round 3 of the tournament, being defeated by Darigan Citadel and placing as number four. After a voting of fans and players that Roo Island had the ugliest jersey, fans hoped to do even better this past tournament,with a new uniform and the team's signing of Maraquan forward Jair Tollet, who was traded to Roo Island for Dayla, the red Lenny (She got injured in the first practice and never played again). This helped Roo Island make it to the final match, losing to Darigan Citadel, and overall placing in second.

Third time proved to be the charm, when in 2008, Roo Island beat Krawk Island in the Altador Cup final, claiming the cup. In 09, however, Roo Island placed ninth. In 2010, Roo Island was questioned for making no changes to their lineup in the offseason. However, though a pedestrian start first half, they kicked it up a notch before the mid-season break by winning 16 of the last 19 matches. This catapulted them up to 4th place going into the finals. Kreludor was able to sneak out a victory in the first round, and Darigan Citadel defeated them in the second round, leaving 4th place to Roo Island. They were contenders for the Cup in 11'. Even though their Yooyuball record was great, their side game performance wasn't up to par and ended back in 9th place.

Altador Cup VII's new style didn't fare well for Roo Island, and frequent matchups against powerful teams did not fare well. Further, with Mystery Island's upgrade to a powerhouse force, many worried of what else would come to the Roos. Even with a roster change, trading popular defender Gordo Gunnels with equally popular "Squeaky" Tressif, the Roos suffered. The result was a 14th place finish, a position far below what is expected of them.

In Altador Cup VIII Roo Island regained its strenght. Starting the tournament with a full sweep against teams like Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Maraqua and Shenkuu. And gained victory while fighting powerhouses like Team Darigan Citadel and Team Kreludor. Eventually they were only unable to defeat the suprises of that years tournament; Altador and Tyrannia, ending up at the 3rd place. But still the best result since their victory of the Cup, proving that Roo Island is still a traditional powerhouse.

Unfortunately, it became very quickly clear that Roo Island wouldn't repeat her previous performance. They lost a lot of matches in Altador Cup IX but fought bravely. In the end they tied with both Terror Mountain and Shenkuu for the 13th place.

Roo Island continued its odd trend of flip-flopping between good results and middling results, this time jumping up in the rankings. Though often playing second fiddle to stronger powerhouses in their respective brackets, Team Roo Island was able to fend off advances of other powerhouses to maintain their upper-half result. Their consistency in placing 2nd in most of the brackets placed the team in 6th place, a major increase from the year before.

The flip-flopping continued in full stride in Altador Cup XI, as was expected by analysts. In fact, Roo Island happened to hop itself right back into the same position as it was in Altador Cup IX, finishing in 13th place. However, things could have gone a lot worse - Roo Island's performance in the fifth bracket under its new sorting mechanic allowed for Roo Island to have a leg up over the lower tier teams, and thanks to it, Roo Island prevented itself from falling even further.



Team positions are as follows (bolded denotes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Clutch Billaban Fenny Vail Gordo Gunnels Dayla Lilo Blumario
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2007 Clutch Billaban Fenny Vail Gordo Gunnels Jair Tollet Lilo Blumario
2012 "Squeaky" Tressif

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 4th
2007 2nd
2008 1st
2009 9th
2010 4th
2011 9th
2012 14th
2013 3rd
2014 13th (tie)
2015 6th
2016 13th

Fun Fact[edit]

What can a Yooyuball team do when their shipment of practice Yooyus never arrives? Well, if they're Team Roo Island, they turn to gummies! "I was doubtful at first," said team captain Lilo Blumario, "but King Roo spared no expense and even had the Chocolate Factory rig up an exploding gummy Yooyu to mimic the clockwork Yooyus." The only downside? "We just have to keep Gordo Gunnels from eating the gummy Yooyus before practice is over."