Slushie Slinger

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Slushie Slinger
Slushie Slinger
ID # 863
World Altador
Category Action
High Scores
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Slushie Slinger is one of the four games that is exclusive to the Altador Cup. It was first introduced during Altador Cup II. In this game, the player takes on the role of a Red Tuskaninny waitress as she frantically serves slushies to impatient, thirsty Yooyuball fans. The gameplay of Slushie Slinger was inspired by that of the 1983 arcade game Tapper.

How To Play[edit]

The main game screen contains three counters of increasing length. The shortest counter appears at the top of the screen, and the longest counter appears at the bottom of the screen. The waitress stands on the right end of these counters. Behind the waitress there are three slushie machines, each of which contains a different flavor of slushie. The top slushie machine contains zeenana flavor, the middle machine contains jumbleberry flavor, and the bottom machine contains chokato flavor. After the game starts, customers will starting appearing at the three counters at regular intervals. Each customer starts at the left end of the counter and then slowly moves toward the right end of the counter. The goal of the game is serve each customer a slushie to before they make it all the way to the right end of the counter.

A game of Slushie Slinger in progress.
The waitress is controlled using the arrow keys and the space bar. Pressing the right arrow key will cause the waitress to face the slushie machines. Pressing the left arrow key will make the waitress face the counters. The up and down arrow keys are used to move the waitress between the three counters/slushie machines. To serve a customer, the player must first face a slushie machine and then press the space bar to fill up a new slushie. Once the slushie is filled, the player must turn the waitress toward a counter and then press the space bar to slide the filled slushie down the counter. The slushie will be picked up by the closest unserved customer. When a customer receives a slushie, they will spend several seconds drinking it. They will then slide the empty slushie cup back down the counter toward the waitress and leave. The player must catch the empty cup by placing the waitress at the end of the appropriate counter and facing her in the correct direction before the empty cup reaches the end of the counter. The waitress can catch an empty cup even while she is holding a filled slushie.

Each customer has a thought bubble over their heads that displays the flavor of slushie that they want. Serving a customer the flavor that they want will earn the player 5 points. Serving a customer a different flavor will earn 2 points. The player also receives 3 points for each empty cup that they catch. Every time the player scores 50 points, they advance one level. As the level increases, customers start appearing at a more rapid rate, and the speed at which customers move also increases.

The player starts will five lives. These lives are displayed in the upper right corner of the game screen. Each time a customer makes it to the end of the counter without being served, the player loses a life. The player also loses a life every time they fail to catch an empty cup. Lastly, the player can also lose a life if they slide a slushie down a counter that has no customers. The game ends after all five lives have been lost.

Everytime a player sumbits a Slushie Slinger score of 270 points or more, they earn points toward their next Altador Cup rank. They also earn victory points for their Altador Cup team.


  • The slushie stand's walls, as well as the game's menu buttons, change color depending on which Altador Cup team the player is supporting. The logo on banner pinned to the back wall of the slushie stand also changes depending on the player's team.