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The Lost Desert's Yooyuball team of 2006 had a lineup which could have done lots of damage in the tournament, but troubles in 2006 ("Dirty" Navers' aggressive tactics and Derbi Azar's holdout) made fans wary of them and if they would effectively play. They managed beat the Space Station in the first round, but were beaten by Roo Island in Round Two. When the time came to assign blame for the improbable loss, most of the criticism was aimed at defenseman Wyett Tuggins, who was repeatedly put to shame by the brilliant play of Roo Island's Fenny Vail. As a result, journeyman Luvea Trivon took his place in the 2007 games.

After a few uneventful years for Lost Desert their chance to shine came in 09' where they made it to the finals and placed third after being defeated by the eventual winners Krawk Island, but being able to defeat the initial top seeds, Kreludor. Thus expectations were high when Altador Cup V came around, where Lost Desert were the odd on favorites. Though they hit a rough patch 2/3 into the season, they were able to keep it together and eventually win the Cup!

The next Cup came and everyone watched on what would happen to Lost Desert. Surprisingly, they were beaten easily by many teams and fell to the 4th bracket, the farthest any winner have gone after the year they won. Not accepting their great fall, they fought hard to win the tier and they did, ending up in 13th place.

With a reputation to reclaim, the Lost Desert went in with high expectations for Altador Cup VII. They had mixed success, winning the majority of their matches but not keeping up with the years' favorites. As a result, their abilities as they stood could only take them so far, as they finished 5th for the third time.

In the Altador Cup VIII they fell back to their disappointing results from Altador Cup VI. And ended up 12th. The call for a change in the roster became thus even louder than before.

Team Lost Desert experienced their absolute worst ranking ever in the Altador Cup IX. No goal was enough and no victory was a satisfaction for their final 16th ranking. A huge disappointment for all the fans.

Using this disappointment to fuel a return to the top, Team Lost Desert began to form a comeback for Altador Cup X. After claiming sweeps against tried and true contenders Krawk Island and Darigan Citadel, and managing to hold off teams like Meridell and Roo Island, Lost Desert climbed their way back up, just shy of a podium finish with 4th.

Altador Cup XI, however, was somewhat hit or miss for the team, especially considering analysts had assumed that the team was finally "back on track". Lost Desert had begun the tournament fairly respectably, taking some key wins while being held back by some of the new powerhouses like Brightvale and old powers like Kiko Lake and Meridell. Ultimately, Lost Desert received yet another fairly disappointing finish in 11th.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Leera Heggle Wyett Tuggins "Dirty" Navers Vonde Cayle Derbi Azar
2007 Luvea Trivon
2008 Lamelle Turow
2011 Rhee Solters

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 5th
2007 5th
2008 3rd
2009 3rd
2010 1st
2011 13th
2012 5th
2013 12th (tie)
2014 16th
2015 4th
2016 11th