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The famed trophy that gives the Cup its name.

The Altador Cup is a yearly sporting event that takes place at the Colosseum during the month of June. During the event, eighteen teams, each one representing a different Neopian land, compete in the sport of Yooyuball. Unlike other events on the website, the outcome of the Altador Cup is not pre-planed by TNT writers. Instead, the winning team is determined entirely by user participation.


The following 18 teams have participated in an Altador Cup:

Altador logo.gif
Brightvale logo.gif
Darigan Citadel
Faerieland Logo2.png
Haunted woods logo.gif
Haunted Woods
Kiko lake logo.gif
Kiko Lake
Krawk island logo.gif
Krawk Island
Kreludor logo.gif
Lost desert logo.gif
Lost Desert
Maraqua logo.gif
Meridell logo.gif
Moltara logo.png
Mystery island logo.gif
Mystery Island
Roo Island
Shenkuu logo.gif
Terror Mountain
Tyrannia logo.gif
Virtupets logo.gif

Jelly World Practice Team[edit]

During the practice days leading up to the tournament, users can play against the practice team. The practice team can also be played on bye days during the tournament. The practice team hails from Jelly World and consists entirely of Jelly Chias. Despite being a fully capable Yooyuball team, the Jelly World practice team has never participated in an Altador Cup tournament. This is mostly likely due to the fact that there is running gag on the Neopets website that Jelly World does not exist. Despite this, the practice team's goalie does appear in the game Shootout Showdown.

User Participation[edit]

In order to participate in the Altador Cup, each user must first pick a team to support. In general, users are not allowed to switch teams after they have chosen one. After choosing a team, users can earn victory points for their team by playing any of the four flash games listed below and getting at least the minimum score required for the game. These four games are only available during the Altador Cup.

  • Yooyuball is the main draw of the Altador Cup. In this sport, two teams, each containing five players, play against each other. The object of the game is to score goals by getting a Yooyu, which serves as the game's ball, into the opponent's net. Yooyuball players use specially designed slings to catch, carry, and pass Yooyus.

Minimum Score: Win / Draw

Slushie Slinger
  • Slushie Slinger was added to the Altador Cup in 2007. In this game, the player takes on the role of a Red Tuskaninny waitress as she frantically serves slushies to impatient, thirsty Yooyuball fans. The gameplay of Slushie Slinger was inspired by that of the 1983 arcade game Tapper.

Minimum Score: 270 points

Make Some Noise
  • Make Some Noise was also added to the Altador Cup in 2007. In this game, the player takes on the role of the Techo Fanatic as he cheers on the Yooyuball players at the Colosseum.

Minimum Score: 3,000 points

Shootout Showdown
  • Shootout Showdown was added to the Altador Cup in 2009. In this game, players must score five goals against the practice team's goalkeeper within a sixty second time limit.

Minimum Score: 35 points

Altador Cup Rank[edit]

A rank system was introduced to the tournament during Altador Cup II. Each time a user submits a score for one of the four exclusive Altador Cup games, they earn points toward their next Altador cup rank. The number of points awarded differs for each game:

Yooyuball win 1 point awarded
Yooyuball draw 1/3 point awarded
Slushie Slinger 1/2 point awarded
Make Some Noise 1/12 point awarded
Shootout Showdown 1/12 point awarded

Only scores that meet the minimum requirements listed above count toward increasing Altador Cup Rank. There are 21 different ranks in all:

Wood engrave.png Beginner
0 points needed
Wood yellowgem.png Rank 1
34 points needed
Wood redgem.png Rank 2
67 points needed
Wood greengem.png Rank 3
100 points needed
Wood bluegem.png Rank 4
134 points needed
Stone yellowgem.png Rank 5
184 points needed
Stone redgem.png Rank 6
234 points needed
Stone greengem.png Rank 7
284 points needed
Stone bluegem.png Rank 8
334 points needed
Bronze yellowgem.png Rank 9
400 points needed
Bronze redgem.png Rank 10
467 points needed
Bronze greengem.png Rank 11
534 points needed
Bronze bluegem.png Rank 12
600 points needed
Silver yellowgem.png Rank 13
684 points needed
Silver redgem.png Rank 14
767 points needed
Silver greengem.png Rank 15
850 points needed
Silver bluegem.png Rank 16
934 points needed
Gold yellowgem.png Rank 17
1,034 points needed
Gold redgem.png Rank 18
1,134 points needed
Gold greengem.png Rank 19
1,234 points needed
Gold bluegem.png All-Star
1,334 points needed


Since Altador Cup III, users have been able to unlock the following avatar by increasing their Altador Cup rank to Rank 1:

Altadorcupplayer.gif Altador Cup Player
Achieve Rank 1 during the Altador Cup.

Staff Tournament[edit]

As another part of the Altador Cup, The Neopets Team participates in a tournament play of their own. They did this in 2006, and only again in 2010.


So far there have been a total of eleven Altador Cup tournments:

Tournment and Format 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Altador Cup I
Hauntedwoods 50.gif Darigancitadel 50.gif Krawkisland 50.gif
Altador Cup II
Double round-robin
Darigancitadel 50.gif Rooisland 50.gif Shenkuu 50.gif
Altador Cup III
Double round-robin
Rooisland 50.gif Krawkisland 50.gif Lostdesert 50.gif
Altador Cup IV
Double round-robin
Krawkisland 50.gif Shenkuu 50.gif Lostdesert 50.gif
Altador Cup V
Double round-robin
Lostdesert 50.gif Kreludor 50.gif Darigancitadel 50.gif
Altador Cup VI
Double round-robin
Virtupets 50.gif Krawkisland 50.gif Kreludor 50.gif
Altador Cup VII
Bracket groups
Kreludor 50.gif Mysteryisland 50.gif Meridell 50.gif
Altador Cup VIII
Bracket groups
Tyrannia 50.gif Altador 50.gif Rooisland 50.gif
Altador Cup IX
Bracket groups
Hauntedwoods 50.gif Virtupets 50.gif Moltara 50.gif
Altador Cup X
Bracket groups
Kikolake 50.gif Kreludor 50.gif Tyrannia 50.gif
Altador Cup XI
Bracket groups
Mysteryisland 50.gif Tyrannia 50.gif Kikolake 50.gif


  • The first Altador Cup appeared to coincide with dates and times of the FIFA World Cup in Germany of 2006, and the golden orb, seen in the preview trailer, of the trophy bore a remarkable resemblance to the actual World Cup.
  • Noted advertisements shown in North America within the 2006 tournament were a new Dragon Ball Z game being released in July 2006 and a new Garfield movie. For 2007, Evan Almighty was advertised.
  • During Yooyuball game play when the Ixi and Grarrl news presenters are making their remarks about the teams, were a user to refrain from clicking the "continue" button, they would begin to ask the user to carry on, mention they see Tarla and need to hurry and catch her or reminding the user that sitting and watching them does not earn them points. A Spyder may also come down from the ceiling.
  • Because there used to be 17 possible Altador Cup teams, and only 16 spots available for participating, every year, TNT had to choose one team to not participate, and choose a clever reason for it. The addition of Moltara City in 2010 made for an even total of 18 and thus no team was left out on the sidelines.
  • Coincidentally, from 2006 to 2009, the winning team for each year's Altador Cup was the runner-up team for the previous tournament.

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