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The Altador Cup logo.

The eighth Altador Cup of the summer of 2013 started with the Team sign-ups on the 24th of May. The real competition started on the 31st of May which lasted exactly a month. The Winners and Prizes were announced on the 1st of July.

New rule(s) in 2013[edit]

Tournament play is made up of five rounds. For each round, six teams will be placed into one of three brackets. During the round, every team in the bracket will play each other once.

This year, there will be four "bye" days. The bye days will happen once per round during the first four rounds, and will not fall on either the first or last day of a round.

At the conclusion of every round, each team in a bracket will be rewarded points based on how they played in comparison to the other teams in their bracket. With each subsequent round, the point values increase, allowing teams that may have gotten off to a rocky start to catch up toward the end. After all five rounds have been played, the teams. points will be tallied up and (if necessary) any ties will be broken. The following Monday, the results will be revealed and the champions will be named!


Round One[edit]

  • Alabriss Bracket

The Alabriss Bracket was filled with some interesting teams, last years top6. With powerhouses like Darigan Citadel, Lost Desert and Kreludor. Teams that missed the title last year by an inch like Meridell and Mystery Island and a team that hasn't achieved very much yet: Kiko Lake. Team Kreludor suprised in their first matches, everyone expected that Derlyn Fonnets team would suffer under the Winners Curse after becoming Champion last year, but they were able to earn a hard-foughted victory against Meridell and later against Lost Desert. Lost Desert was the team that dissapointed this round, not being able to jump along on the level of the other two powerhouses. Mystery Island was constanantly swept by the rest, while Kiko Lake suprisingly did good efforts in winning. But in the end it was Layton Vickles' Darigan Citadel that really convinced and took the 1st place in the Alabriss Bracket.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Darigan Citadel 13 13 1st
2nd Place Kreludor 9 9 4th
3rd Place Meridell 6 6 7th
4th Place Kiko Lake 4 4 10th
5th Place Lost Desert 2 2 13th
6th Place Mystery Island 1 1 16th
  • Minitheus Bracket

The Minitheus Bracket was compilled of the Teams from last years 7th till 12th place. These were Krawk Island, the old powerhouse. Middle-class teams like Tyrannia, Maraqua and Haunted Woods. And lesser teams like Brightvale and Terror Mountain. The Minitheus bracket was hard to figure out who would win. Completely unexpected, Tyrannia stood up as a major powerhouse, sweeping every single team in their bracket. Leaving the first place occupied since the first match. Not so very unexpected was the second place of Krawk Island and the third of Maraqua. In a short battle, Brightvale was able to capture the 4th place at the expense of Haunted Woods, who started off badly. Finally Terror Mountain dropped to be the last of the bracket.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Tyrannia 13 13 1st
2nd Place Krawk Island 9 9 4th
3rd Place Maraqua 6 6 7th
4th Place Brightvale 4 4 10th
5th Place Haunted Woods 2 2 13th
6th Place Terror Mountain 1 1 16th
  • Vaeolus Bracket

The final bracket exists from teams who ended at the bottom of last years Altador Cup. These teams were Altador, Faerieland, Moltara, Shenkuu, the winner of two years ago: Virtupets and the winner of Altador Cup III: Roo Island. The expectations were sky high for Roo Island that they would recover this year from their worst ranking ever. The same counted for Shenkuu, a team that once dominated the tournament but nowadays plays very poorely. As for Altador, Moltara and Faerieland, there were no expectations. They did not perform any different last year than the years before. Virtupets always surprises. As soon as the matches started everyone was stumbled by Altadors performances, they swept every team easily and with great numbers, even Roo Island! Beyond from that everything else went completely normal. Thus Altador won the bracket, leaving Roo Island 2nd, Shenkuu became 3rd, Virtupets 4th, and Faerieland and Moltara ended the lines, respectively 5th and 6th.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Altador 13 13 1st
2nd Place Roo Island 9 9 4th
3rd Place Shenkuu 6 6 7th
4th Place Virtupets 4 4 10th
5th Place Faerieland 2 2 13th
6th Place Moltara 1 1 16th

Round Two[edit]

  • Alabriss Bracket

The Alabriss Bracket of round two was a fierce one. Having Tyrannia, Krawk Island, Darigan Citadel and Kreludor. But also bottom line teams Shenkuu and Virtupets. The most intersting the follow was wether Tyrannia would be able to sweep Darigan Citadel and Kreludor as well. And what sort of resistance they could offer against the newly risen Tyrannian force. The answer was nothing. Loryche's team was unbeatable again, winning with big numbers again. Suprisingly, Krawk Island also bested Darigan Citadel and Kreludor. Leaving those two on respectively place 3 and 4 in the Alabriss Bracket. Virtupets and Shenkuu didn't have much to offer else then a fight to decide who wouldn't became last. That fight was lost by Virtupets.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Tyrannia 17 30 1st
2nd Place Krawk Island 14 23 4th
3rd Place Darigan Citadel 11 24 3rd
4th Place Kreludor 8 17 7th
5th Place Shenkuu 5 11 12th
6th Place Virtupets 4 8 14th
  • Minitheus Bracket

The teams of the Minitheus Bracket are Altador, Roo Island, Maraqua, Terror Mountain, Mystery Island and Lost Desert. For Altador there was no new big opponent in which they could test their strength. Nonetheless they still kept on sweeping teams and making themself a big favorite for the Cup and dared challenger of Tyrannia. Roo Island achieved the 2nd place in the bracket, failing it to the mighty Altadorian Team. Maraqua became 3rd. Terror Mountain made a jump, after becoming 6th in Round One, they made it to the 4th place this Round, besting Lost Desert and Mystery Island. Two teams who perform very much under their average.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Altador 17 30 1st
2nd Place Roo Island 14 23 4th
3rd Place Maraqua 11 17 7th
4th Place Terror Mountain 8 9 13th
5th Place Lost Desert 5 7 15th
6th Place Mystery Island 4 5 17th
  • Vaeolus Bracket

The Vaeolus bracket was excellent opportunity for Team Meridell to catch some points, at the absence of traditional powerhouses. Because their opponents weren't very scary, besides from Haunted Woods ofcourse. Teams like Brightvale, Kiko Lake, Faerieland and Moltara. Meridell earned victory every time, however, they underestimated Haunted Woods gravely, due to this, Krell Vitor's team was able to ensure some nice victories and finishing just behind Meridell after having a rough start. Brightvale made it to the 3rd place and the Kiko's 4th again. Moltara was working very hard again to increase their reputation as the worst team ever whil Faerieland ends 5th.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Meridell 17 23 4th
2nd Place Haunted Woods 14 16 9th
3rd Place Brightvale 11 15 10th
4th Place Kiko Lake 8 12 11th
5th Place Faerieland 5 7 15th
6th Place Moltara 4 5 17th

Round Three[edit]

  • Alabriss Bracket

The Alabriss Bracket is a mild one. Lacking brute strength or favorites for the title. But one of the teams in this bracket is Meridell, yet again facing a relatively easy bracket and thus an easy way to score some points for the ranking. Other teams are Maraqua, Virtupets, Shenkuu, Terror Mountain and Kiko Lake. The only real opponent for "Wizard" Windelle and his squad is Maraqua. Furthermore Team Terror Mountain seems to clime in the brackets as tournament moves on, while on the other hand Kiko Lake's performances only get worse. Shenkuu and Virtupets remain consistant, but with poor results. The final results of the Alabriss Bracket can be seen below.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Meridell 22 45 3rd
2nd Place Maraqua 18 35 7th
3rd Place Terror Mountain 14 23 10th
4th Place Shenkuu 12 23 10th
5th Place Kiko Lake 8 20 14th
6th Place Virtupets 7 15 16th
  • Minitheus Bracket

The Minitheus Bracket promised some nice matches. Altador facing with great rivals that take the shape of Darigan Citadel and Kreludor. The brackets do not favor Roo Island, Lilo Blumario's team has a hard time making it to the top because the share a bracket for the third time in a row with Altador. When the matches really started, it was shown again that Altador was unbeatable, even for the Citadel and Kreludor. This time actually Kreludor bested Darigan Citadel, leaving them 4th while they had to settle with the 3rd place because of Roo Islands unexpected amount of strenght. Haunted Woods and Brightvale were as expected unable to lift on the level of the top and finished 5th and 6th.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Altador 22 52 1st
2nd Place Roo Island 18 41 4th
3rd Place Kreludor 14 31 8th
4th Place Darigan Citadel 12 36 6th
5th Place Haunted Woods 8 24 9th
6th Place Brightvale 7 22 12th
  • Vaeolus Bracket

And last but not least the Vaeolus Bracket. Where Tyrannia resembles Altador, Krawk Island is their Roo Island. The pirates joined Tyrannia's bracket for the third time in a row. This doesn't increase their chances of winning the bracket but becoming 2nd seems very likely. Lost Desert is the other participant, Lost Desert has had a hard time living up to their average scores. Mystery Island, on the way to their worst ranking ever. And finally team Faerieland and Moltara, the actual worst teams ever. After some tough matches Tyrannia proved to be a master of their bracket, the only one to be able to stop them seems Altador, but they be sweeping everyone else. The Krawks end up 2nd just before Lost Desert who seems to recover a bit. Mystery Island makes sure that they won't be the worst team of this year becoming 4th and Faerieland finishes once again 5th before Moltara.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Tyrannia 22 52 1st
2nd Place Krawk Island 18 41 4th
3rd Place Lost Desert 14 21 13th
4th Place Mystery Island 12 17 15th
5th Place Faerieland 8 15 16th
6th Place Moltara 7 12 18th

Round Four[edit]

  • Alabriss Bracket

Round Four kicks of with the Alabriss Bracket with this years outsiders, but no real contestants for the Cup. Namely Maraqua, Kreludor and Darigan Citadel. But also some bottomfloaters like Faerieland and Moltara. And finally the middle-classed Terror Mountain. The matches started and Terror Mountain sweeped Faerieland, just like Darigan Citadel who swept Moltara. Kreludor surprisingly almost swept Maraqua. The next day Terror Mountain proved to be the diesel of the tournament, completely taking out Darigan Citadel. While Kreludor swept Moltara and Maraqua covered a sweep against Faerieland.In an exciting showdown between Kreludor and Darigan Citadel, Kreludor was able to convincingly sweep the Citadel. In the mean time Terror Mountain strengthend their claim on the first place in the match with Maraqua, whilst Faerieland beated Moltara. The next day Terror Mountain continued it's late and futile strike for the top winning in Yooyuball and Slushie slinger against Kreludor, while the Citadel and Maraqua sweeped their opponents. As soon as the sky was cleared Terror Mountain was shown to be the clear winner while Kreludor had to settle with the second place, Darigan Citadel with the 3rd. Maraqua, Faerieland and Moltara respectively 4, 5 and 6th.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Terror Mountain 27 50 10th
2nd Place Kreludor 24 55 6th
3rd Place Darigan Citadel 18 54 7th
4th Place Maraqua 16 51 8th
5th Place Faerieland 11 26 16th
6th Place Moltara 10 22 18th
  • Minitheus Bracket

The Minitheus Bracket is a mix of this years lower-tier teams. Teams like Mystery Island, Brightvale, Virtupets, the unlucky Lost Desert, Shenkuu and the spooky but tenacious Haunted Woods. In the upcoming matches Haunted Woods proved fruitful but there weren't very much sweeps at all. Therefor the outcome of this bracket was more exciting then any other, the results were very close but in the end Haunted Woods was just a little better than everyone else taking victory in this bracket. Closely followed by Brightvale, who was also sweepless. Lost Desert dissapointed once again, proving to have a really tough year, they lost to Shenkuu and thus had to be happy with the 4th place while Shenkuu took the 3rd. Virtupets claimed Yooyuball and Make Some Noise from Mystery Island and making it 5th by an inch, so Mystery Island once again last of the bracket, an unfortunate fall after last years 2nd place.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Haunted Woods 27 51 8th
2nd Place Brightvale 24 46 11th
3rd Place Shenkuu 18 41 12th
4th Place Lost Desert 16 37 13th
5th Place Virtupets 11 26 16th
6th Place Mystery Island 10 27 15th
  • Vaeolus Bracket

The absolute top bracket of Round Four is the Vaeolus Bracket. The two title favorites Altador and Tyrannia finally shared a bracket, probably now there will be decided who will bring home the Cup. Beyond from the fight for the title there is also a fight for the third place in the Vaeolus Bracket. Krawk Island and Roo Island are both contestants for the bronze medal. Furthermore are the brackets not really kind to Meridell this round, they're facing some top teams in this bracket and can probably forget about becoming third this year. The last team is Kiko Lake, which will likely become last. On the first day of the matches Tyrannia sweeped Meridell, while Altador almost swept Kiko Lake, only Slushie Slinger was won by Kiko Lake. The match-up for the third place started right away with Krawk Island versus Roo Island, in which Roo Island showed who's boss and took a broad victory. In the next day Tyrannia was beaten down by Roo Island in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown! They will not be the first team to end with a perfect record after all. Altador sweeped Meridell and Krawk Island and Kiko Lake played surprising match in which the Krawks were only able to win Shootout Showdown. After that Roo Island was sadly sweeped again by Altador while Tyrannia swept Krawk Island. The day after that was the dicisive match for the Cup between Tyrannia and Altador. In the end Tyrannia swept Altador and so it's highly unlikely that they are not going to win this years Altador Cup. Meanwhile Roo Island nearly swept Kiko Lake just like Krawk Island nearly swept Meridell. On the last day, Krawk Island was swept by Altador, Tyrannia swept Kiko Lake and Roo Island swept Meridell. And so Tyrannia won the Vaeolus bracket, Altador became 2nd, Roo Island 3rd, Krawk Island had to settle with the 4th place, Meridell 5th and Kiko Lake last.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Tyrannia 27 79 1st
2nd Place Altador 24 76 2nd
3rd Place Roo Island 18 59 3rd
4th Place Krawk Island 16 57 4th
5th Place Meridell 11 56 5th
6th Place Kiko Lake 10 30 14th

Round Five[edit]

  • Alabriss Bracket

Eventhough the first and second place are already divided, there still an opportunity for both Kreludor and Krawk Island in the Alabriss Bracket to conquer the 3rd place this year, however that would require a victory of Roo Island, and they have already shown to be stronger than their opponents. For Maraqua there is not much to win in the Alabriss Bracket other then to strengthen their position. Virtupets doesn't get to say a lot about where they will end up, in this bracket they most likely will end last and then all they can do is hope Moltara and Faerieland will do the same so Virtupets won't become last this tournament. The last team of this bracket is Mystery Island, performing far below their old level. The most important matches were between Maraqua and Roo Island in which Roo Island was able to completely sweep Maraqua. Between Kreludor and Krawk Island, in that match Krawk Island nearly swept Kreludor, only Make Some Noise was won by Kreludor. On the second day of the Fith round the podium was decided. Roo Island was able to sweep Krawk Island and thus secured their 3rd place this Altador Cup. An outher worldly match was between Virtupets and Kreludor, in which Kreludor definately lost a chance to the 3rd place thanks to an impressive win from Virtupets in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. The other matches didn't change a lot to the ranks. And so Roo Island wins the Alabriss Bracket, while Krawk Island becomes second, Kreludor 3rd by an inch closely followed by Maraqua. Mystery Island then 5th and finally Virtupets as expected 6th.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Roo Island 33 92 3rd
2nd Place Krawk Island 28 85 4th
3rd Place Kreludor 23 78 7th
4th Place Maraqua 19 70 8th
5th Place Mystery Island 15 42 15th
6th Place Virtupets 13 39 16th
  • Minitheus Bracket

The final Minitheus Bracket is for Tyrannia only a formality. Even if they would become last and Darigan Citadel first, then they can still count on a silver medal. But that won't be sufficient for the nearly unbeatable team. They've proven to be able to sweep all of these teams in the Minitheus Bracket, teams like the Citadel, Shenkuu, Haunted Woods, Moltara and Meridell. For Darigan Citadel there is a lot to win though, a top 5 position for instance. The most important matches were those between Darigan Citadel and Tyrannia, in which Tyrannia smashed Darigan Citadel to the ground, A sweep of Meridell over Darigan Citadel. And Tyrannia's impressive sweep over Meridell. In the end Tyrannia became first as anticipated, Darigan Citadel was able to become 2nd at the expense of Meridell, Meridell who started the tournament fantastic went only downwards in the rankings. Haunted Woods managed to reach the 4th place in this bracket, Shenkuu 5th again and Moltara becomes last, just like in every other bracket this year.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Tyrannia 33 112 1st
2nd Place Darigan Citadel 28 82 5th
3rd Place Meridell 23 79 6th
4th Place Haunted Woods 19 70 9th
5th Place Shenkuu 15 56 12th
6th Place Moltara 13 35 18th
  • Vaeolus Bracket

The Vaeolus Bracket was een easy dessert for Altador, against teams that don't even come close to their level this year. The other teams of the Vaeolus bracket are Terror Mountain, the team who moved upwards in the brackets from place 6 to 4th to 3rd to 1st in round four. Brightvale, Lost Desert, Kiko Lake and Faerieland. In the matches Altador clearly sought for vengeance after their lost match against Tyrania. Altador swept Kiko Lake, Brightvale, Faerieland and Lost Desert. Only Terror Mountain, this years outsider, managed to show some strong resistance. Terror Mountain won in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, while Altador won in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. But eventhough Altador won a tight victory over Terror Mountain, their first place in the Vaeolus Bracket was easily covered. Terror Mountain made it 2nd. Brightvale, this years typical middle-class team became 3rd in this bracket, Lost Desert 4th. Kiko Lake, who started nicely this tournament ends 5th in the final bracket and Faerieland as expected becomes last.

Standing Team Points Earned Points Total Overall Standings
1st Place Altador 33 109 2nd
2nd Place Terror Mountain 28 78 7th
3rd Place Brightvale 23 69 11th
4th Place Lost Desert 19 56 12th
5th Place Kiko Lake 15 45 14th
6th Place Faerieland 13 39 16th


Standing Team
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place (tie)
7th Place
9th Place (tie)
9th Place
11th Place
12th Place (tie)
12th Place
14th Place
15th Place
16th Place (tie)
16th Place
18th Place


  • Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack Free (Limit 1)
  • Techo Fan Sticker
  • Box of Yooyuball Chocolates
  • Empty Collectable Altador Cup Card Packet
  • Yooyuball Burgers
  • 18x (Teamname) Altador Cup Team Yooyu Plushie
  • Bounce Like a Yooyu Trampoline
  • Set of Altador Cup Neocola Cans
  • Stadium of Food
  • Paper Yooyuball Lantern Garland
  • Tourists Guide to Altador During the Cup
  • Icy Altador Cup Shoulder Bandage
  • Winner Stand Plushie Display
  • Altador Cup Chili Chips
  • Bounce Like a Yooyu Pogo Stick
  • Exploding Clockwork Yooyu Replica
  • Muddy Face Paint
  • Thrown Slushie Cup
  • Yooyu Balloons
  • Altador Cup Hot Dog Cart
  • Altador Cup Chess Set
  • Vintage Roo Island Altador Cup Jersey
  • Vintage Lost Desert Altador Cup Jersey
  • Vintage Virtupets Jersey
  • Triple Slushie Mix
  • Vintage Kreludor Altador Cup Jersey
  • Framed Altador Cup Patch Collection
  • Lunch at the Ambrosia Shop Background
  • 101 Slushie Recipes
  • Zo Junior Action Figure
  • Altador Cup VIII Commemorative Stamp
  • View of Altador Background
  • Neopet Trading for Beginners
  • Stone Foam Finger
  • Altador Cup Score Board Tiara Wig
  • Robot Yooyu
  • Eventide Paint Brush

Timeline of the AC VIII[edit]

  • 5/24-5/30 - Team sign-ups and practice rounds begin.
  • 5/31/-6/28 - Tournament play takes place
  • 6/29-6/30 - Tiebreaker played (if necessary)
  • 7/1 Y15 - Altador Cup champions are announced and the Prize Shop opens.

Winners of the AC VIII[edit]

  • 1st place - Tyrannia
  • 2nd place - Altador
  • 3rd place - Roo Island