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Virtupet's Yooyuball team is a solid team of role players, though they are unspectacular in play. But due to star forward Keetra Deile, she uses her brilliance and talent to elevate the play of those around her, making the team seem better than one would initially think. During Altador Cup 2006, winning the tournament was viewed highly unlikely by the fans, but they believed an "upset" in the first or second round of the tournament wouldn't be out of the question. With their defeat by the Lost Desert in Round One, they failed to live up to the hype.

In Altador Cup 2007, the Virtupets is once more led by up-and-coming superstar Keetra Deele, who vowed to take on much more responsibility for the team's scoring needs that year. With Deele picking up the scoring slack and newcomer Sela Pretore stepping in for underwhelming defender Kerib Vickers, it was hoped the Space Station could rise up and surprise the experts. Despite a solid start, Virtupets would finish the season in dead last. In 2008 they got a new goalkeeper which helped them climb up the standings, finishing 12th in '08 and '09. But experts are still baffled when in 2010 Virtupets were a contender for the finals, and finished 6th.

In Altador Cup VI Virtupets did better than their previous years, scoring a near-perfect Make Some Noise record. They fought against Maraqua and Krawk Island for the Cup and emerged as the winners of the Altador Cup.

With a new style of play in Altador Cup VII, there was no telling what would happen with the alleged "Winner's Curse." Some thought that due to the dedication that they showed last year, they wouldn't fall as hard as the other teams afflicted by the curse have. Others said that the new style would ruin the team. After only one round of gameplay, it became apparent that the team would fall hard, losing key matches and even drawing in Yooyuball against the traditionally bottom-barrel team Moltara. They still fared well against middle-tier teams, but their occasional run-in with top-tier threats never ended well. The result was a fall of Lost Desert proportions, ending the tournament in 13th.

2013 would become a disastrous year for Team Virtupets. The achieved a historical low amount of wins and finished their lowest position since Altador Cup II. Team Virtupets made it 16th, in a tie with Team Faerieland in Altador Cup IX.

Only a year after their greatest disaster, Team Virtupets rised up in Altador Cup IX to the level they had 3 years ago. Keetra Deile and her teammates managed to sweep topteams like Darigan Citadel, Krawk Island and Kreludor. Becoming a major favorite for the title. However, in the fourth round Virtupets entered the same bracket as the other top favorites: Haunted Woods and Moltara. They were able to beat Moltara but lost to Haunted Woods. Thus in the end they had to settle with silver for the 2nd place.

It wouldn't last; Team Virtupets faced yet another disaster once Altador Cup X rolled around and brought the team down a fair number of pegs. Facing the same consistency issues as Roo Island, Virtupets had suddenly lost all of the momentum they had gained by Altador Cup IX, and as a result, after losses aplenty, Virtupets sank yet again to 16th place.

The inconsistencies would seem to imply that Virtupets would recover, but Altador Cup XI had other plans, instead with Virtupets struggling just as hard as the year previous just to get a single win. Though the team managed some impressive wins against Moltara and Shenkuu, overall their performance was dissatisfying, and thus the team had placed 16th yet again.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Z-4B Goalinator Kerib Vickers Weldar Xupenfarb XL Striker 3.8 Keetra Deile
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2007 Z-4B Goalinator Sela Pretore Weldar Xupenfarb XL Striker 3.8 Keetra Deile
2008 Goltron Mk I

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 12th
2007 16th
2008 14th
2009 12th
2010 6th
2011 1st
2012 13th
2013 16th
2014 2nd
2015 16th
2016 16th