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Team Kreludor's line up in 2014 - left to right from top, Qyldae Wegg, Derlyn Fonnet, Ealyn Hawkshanks, Jurin T. and Zenor Keviz.

Kreludor's Yooyuball team is not the most physically gifted team, but is considered the most disciplined and fundamentally sound group in game. Able to befuddle defenders with torrents of crisp passes and a labrynth of picks and blocks, Kreludor has been known to take their more talented opponents and tie them in knots.

In the 2007 Altador Cup, Kreludor did not participate. They were replaced by Shenkuu, but returned in 2008 replacing Kiko Lake. Although storming the competition in 09', going into the bracket as the top seed, they had to settle for fourth after defeats from Shenkuu and the Lost Desert.

During the Altador Cup V Kreludor was a top contender and though they entered the finals in 1st, they left in 2nd.

In 2011's Altador Cup VI, Kreludor made the finals once again but got knocked out by Krawk Island. Despite so, they were able to pull a win against Maraqua in order to secure 3rd and get the bronze. Hungry for a win in Altador Cup VII, the team was truly dedicated in their matches. Under the new system of play, the team was able to secure first place in every single round, which effectively placed them in first place and winners of Altador Cup VII.

In response to dropping to the 7th place after their victory of the Cup in Altador Cup VII the Kreludian team decided to strengthen their attack by trading defender Coco Metrone for Krawk Islands attacker Ealyn Hawkshanks. Therefore their formation changed from 2+2 to 3+1. In the Altador Cup IX this however did not prove fruitful. Though they managed to score a lot, too many Yooyus ended in their on goal. They finished 7th again.

Despite a shaky start for their new offense-based strategy, Altador Cup X proved more beneficial for the team as they managed to get used to their new strategy and as such, with a newly organized defense, teams were hard-pressed to defeat Kreludor at all. Though Team Kreludor had taken many sweeps, they had been swept themselves by Kiko Lake and proved to be an even match for Tyrannia, making their second gold trophy just out of reach, leaving them to settle for 2nd.

Altador Cup XI initially seemed promising for Team Kreludor, who, along with Maraqua and Brightvale, had dominated much of the first round. However, after an outbreak of "multiple account disorder" that had affected Kreludor and Maraqua had been discovered by Altador Cup officials, Kreludor's team was quarantined and returned to the game extremely disoriented. As a result, Kreludor quickly began to sink in the rankings, taking more losses than had ever been seen before. After getting used to their recovered selves, Kreludor at least managed to bounce back slightly, but the team still finished in 12th, their worst finish since their very first appearance.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Xila Kitae Derlyn Fonnet Vignacio Qyldae Wegg Zenor Kevix
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2007 Did not participate
2008 Jurin T. Derlyn Fonnet Coco Metrone Qyldae Wegg Zenor Kevix
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2014 Jurin T. Derlyn Fonnet Qyldae Wegg Ealyn Hawkshanks Zenor Kevix

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 9th
2007 --
2008 6th
2009 4th
2010 2nd
2011 3rd
2012 1st
2013 7th
2014 7th
2015 2nd
2016 12th

Fun Fact[edit]

Team captain Derlyn Fonnet tells us she's become penpals with Haunted Woods player "Brains" Mortigan. "He's pretty witty," she admits, "and he's got great tips for Yooyuball. We're still very competitive, of course." Meanwhile, teammates Zenor and Qyldae spent a little too much time relaxing in the sun last month in Qasala and came back with terrible sunburns, but we hear they're recovering thanks to a few dozen Grape Slurpships.