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Krawk Island's Yooyuball team is filled with "loveable winners" who have managed to pull together and win most of their matches. Their fans are the most enthusiastic, but due to the team's failures are also the most suffering. It was hoped Altador Cup 2006 would be the year "Ol' Dash and the gang" would take the win, and despite being expected not even to pass Round 1, they continued to play to Round 3.

Led by forward "Dasher" Soley (who has hinted he may retire after the tournament of 2006) and Goalkeeper Garven Hale (whose skills allowed them to progress through the tournament), it was hoped Altador Cup 2007 would be another spectacular year, especially with the addition of defenseman Zayle Sufhaux (who replaced last year's starter, Hoke Lemtry). Unfortunately they lost to the "underdog" team that was Shenkuu on the finals, earning them 4th place.

Hoping that Altador Cup III was finally their year, Krawk Island was surely the favorite to win 2008. The roster was to be the same, and both veterans "Dasher" Soley and Garven Hale were ready to finally win Krawk Island a cup. After a strong stretch all the way to the finals, they only needed to beat Shenkuu and Roo Island to win the cup. After beating Shenkuu, which surely was sweet revenge after losing to the previous year's cup, only Roo Island stood on their way to coveted Altador Cup. But another shocking lost(Like the previous before to Shenkuu) paved way to Krawk Island as they lost to Roo Island to earn them 2nd place. The new found rivalry between these two teams has proven to be a great one.

To Altador Cup IV Krawk Island went, and they were sure ready to finally win a cup as the sole remaining out of the "Original Four" (Haunted Woods, Darigan Citadel, and Roo Island being the others)to not have won yet. Like the previous year, no roster changes appeared in 2009 so it was now or never, cause "Dasher" Soley seem ready to retire soon. As well like the previous, they blazed through to the Finals, with major accomplishments to major disappointments (ie: A sweep from Kreludor) but still earning them a 2nd seed spot through the finals. After quite a major victory from "Yooyuball" powerhouse, Lost Desert, they only needed to beat Shenkuu to finally win. The match between Shenkuu and Krawk Island was a sure classic as this two teams had battled it out many times before, with the two major matches before giving way to a win for both teams, so now this was a deciding factor, who would rein supreme. Finally, Krawk Island had done it, with a intense battle between the pirates and ninjas, Krawk Island finally won the match and with it the Altador Cup earning them their first cup.

In Altador Cup V talk of the "winner's curse" was very common. While some said that Krawk Island won't fall as hard as the others, while others said they'd fall worse. About a month before sign ups, rumors surfaced that "Dasher" Soley had finally retired. And when the rumors were proven true, with Hale becoming team captain, even the Krawk Island supporters were worried. However, when Soley's replacement, Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge, injured her right leg, Krawk Island had to call Soley out of his retirement for on last season. As all of Neopia held their breath to see how Dasher's Squad would do, Krawk Island got off to a pedestrian start. Trading wins with losses, they entered the finals in 6th place, though after loosing to Virtupets they finished the season in 7th.

With "Dasher" Soley retiring after his replacement was okay, Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge replaced him. She helped the team get back to its glory and get back to the top tier. They defeated predicted-to-win Kreludor and fought with Virtupets for their second chance to get the Cup but slightly fell apart and ended up 2nd. They are the only team that got into the Top 4 5 times.

Altador Cup VII and its infamous new format came as a threat to the team's stability, as it did with most teams. However, the team still did relatively well, claiming wins where wins were due. However, they had little to stand up to the top 4 of the year, with Mystery Island and Meridell nearly sweeping them, and Kreludor and Darigan Citadel successfully sweeping them on their first encounters. Without that added power that Krawk Island is famous for, they faltered and met with 7th place, same as Altador Cup V and thus their worst position to date.

in 2014 the Team replaced their star player Ealyn Hawkshanks for the Kreludian defender Coco Metrone. She was placed Centre Defender in Team Krawk Island. Thus the Krawks changed they're default Yooyuball formation from 2+2 to a 1+3 formation. The addition to the defence wasn't much of an upgrade for Krawk Island in Altador Cup IX. They couldn't keep up with the top eventhough they had some sweeps. And so Krawk Island sadly ended up a shocking 8th in the rankings. Their worst position ever.

Their dry spell wasn't alleviated by Altador Cup X, but they were far from falling like some other old powerhouses had. Though the team had performed just as well as one might expect a consistent powerhouse to perform, there was a lot more competition to face, especially in the case of Kiko Lake and Tyrannia. Though Krawk Island's team hadn't lost their touch, the existence of lots of strong competitors simply left the pirates unmatched. Still, despite struggling to handle these strong teams, Team Krawk Island improved slightly to 7th place.

Altador Cup XI continued the drought for another year as old competitors continued to perform extremely well, while new competitors such as Mystery Island, Faerieland, and Brightvale began to challenge the status quo. Though they performed admirably yet again, Team Krawk Island was unable to handle the new fifth round rules well and fell to fifth place in that bracket, ultimately placing them in 7th again. Though in most respects a generally good finish, it still seems bad for a team that has always placed in the top half.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Garven Hale Nitri Cassale Hoke Lemtry Ealyn Hawkshanks "Dasher" Soley
2007 Zayle Sufhaux
2010 Garven Hale "Dasher" Soley
2011 Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Centre Defender Right Defender Centre Forward
2014 Garven Hale Nitri Cassale Coco Metrone Zayle Sufhaux Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 3rd
2007 4th
2008 2nd
2009 1st
2010 7th
2011 2nd
2012 7th
2013 4th
2014 8th
2015 7th
2016 7th