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Brightvale's Yooyuball team was known for being the most crooked line up of cheating and rough players, despite being from the land of wisdom and learning. They know the rules of the game very well, and use it to their advantage by giving sharp jabs to the ribs when no one's looking and other such tricks to win. Their reputation of rough playing was once even greater than that of Darigan Citadel and the Haunted Woods.

After being defeated by the Haunted Woods in Round Two of the 2006 games and finishing 8th, Brightvale claimed to have learned the error of their ways for many different reasons (not wanting to shame King Hagan, their tactics were no match for the tournament's better teams, increased popularity means more merchandise sales, etc.). Taking a cue from team captain "Squeaky" Tressif, they turned over a new leaf and decided to play fair. While their playing style during the regular season indicated they have cleaned up their act, they finished 12th in the 2007 season, four spots worse then the year before. There was talk of Brightvale playing dirty again in the 2008 cup, but they took the high road and signed rookie sensation goalkeeper Erli Quinnock, who overall was a disappointment and the team finished dead last in the cup.

In 2009, Brightvale did not participate in the cup because King Hagan said, "It has been my personal observation that in the weeks leading up to the arrival of this grand sporting spectacle, there's been far too much banner-making and memorising of chants going on. As a result, the very foundation upon which this kingdom's reputation is based, its scholarship, has fallen prey to a serious case of neglect. Therefore, until my subjects have shown an ability to strike a harmonious balance between work and play, we shall forthwith be suspending our participation in the Altador Cup." When asked to respond to claims that the real reason behind Brightvale's departure from the Altador Cup was a string of embarrassing losses to rival kingdom Meridell (which is ruled by Hagan's brother King Skarl), His Majesty gruffly declined to comment, stating that "such accusations are not worth dignifying with a reply."

In 2010, after their one year hiatus, Brightvale decided to bring their original goalkeeper Orie Dinelle back, while sending Erli Quinnock to Kiko Lake. Expectations weren't too high for team Brightvale, however they shocked Neopia by winning 6 out of their first 10 games, 3 of which were sweeps. However their great success did not last too long, as they lost 5 straight games and then 9 of the next 11. Although they lost four straight going into the finals, they beat Faerieland and Mystery Island respectively to enter and exit the finals in 13th place.

In Altador Cup VI, results continued their trend of improvement since 2008. This time, they were able to break third tier for the first time since 2007, finishing in 12th after being defeated by Roo Island and Haunted Woods.

2012 saw a great change to Brightvale's lineup, in which team captain "Squeaky" Tressif moved on to Roo Island's team, while Roo Island sent Gordo Gunnels to be Brightvale's new left defender. In doing so, Montecito became the new team captain. Brightvale fell to a different pattern than usual; while they usual start strong then fade, they saw their peak in the second and third rounds. Able to hold their own against stronger teams, they continued improving with an 11th place finish, in a tie with Terror Mountain.

In 2013 things didn't improve for Brightvale, the first days of the tournament started hopeful but eventually things went back to the level we're used of with Brightvale. Ending up 11th again.

At the Altador Cup IX Brightvale had a rough start but grew as the tournament continued. From place five in Round 2 they climed up to place four, three and two in the following rounds. They made some impressive victories against teams like Roo Island and Lost Desert, this resulted in the 10th place this year. That 10th place of Brightvale is their best performance since 2006.

Altador Cup X proved to be an impediment to Brightvale's slow and steady rise to the top, featuring a sudden downfall in the team's trend in improvement, culminating in a 14th place finish that seemed to baffle supporters and opponents alike. Having dropped to a position lower than any other since their hiatus in 2010, Team Brightvale's situation became critical.

Altador Cup XI, however, brought Brightvale's first significantly improved performance, made evident by their extremely strong performance in the first few rounds in the tournament, pegging off even the most powerful teams of the tournament, and became nearly unbeatable following the quarantine scandal. However, the team was unable to keep up their sudden burst in momentum, losing nearly every match in the final round. Despite this, the team finished the tourney in 6th, their best finish yet.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Orie Dinelle "Squeaky" Tressif Montecito Kayn Hireck Reb Weemelott
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Centre Defender Right Defender Centre Forward
2007 Orie Dinelle "Squeaky" Tressif Montecito Kayn Hireck Reb Weemelott
2008 Erli Quinnock
2009 Did not participate
2010 Orie Dinelle "Squeaky" Tressif Montecito Kayn Hireck Reb Weemelott
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Defender Right Forward
2012 Orie Dinelle Gordo Gunnels Montecito Kayn Hireck Reb Weemelott

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 8th
2007 12th
2008 16th
2009 --
2010 13th
2011 12th
2012 11th (tie)
2013 11th
2014 10th
2015 14th
2016 6th