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Team Tyrannia's line up as of 2014 - from top, Loryche, "Spikes" Barmie, Mor Gollog, "Scrap" Taggert, and Willa Benne.

Tyrannia's Yooyuball team was assembled a few years before 2006 from a group made almost entirely of players whose original teams had given up on them. After a series of trades and waiver wire acquisitions, Tyrannia began to transform its motley bunch of cast-offs into a selfless squad of warriors. Driven by a desire to show everyone how wrong they were to write them off, Tyrannia's "Forsaken Five" have gone on to become one of the most successful Yooyuball teams.

After their defeat in the first round playoff by Roo Island in 2006, many expected Tyrannia to retool their lineup in 2007. Rather than act on this, Tyrannia's managers believed they were simply unlucky, due to the fact it was hard to imagine anyone defeating Roo Island. They kept the tight knit "Forsaken Five" together, believing it would be a horrible mistake to break up one of the best Yooyuball teams in Neopia over a single playoff loss. However, their minds changed after the 2009 season, trading Evrem Guilako for Terror Mountain's Elbin Kroe. However it appears they got the bad end of this deal as they finished 10th, while Terror Mountain finished 9th.

Elbin Kroe moved to Faerieland before Altador Cup VI started. Tyrannia hired "Spikes" Barmie to be their new Right Defender. This helped Tyrannia and the team turned into a fierce competitor. They defeated Darigan Citadel before they were stopped by Meridell and ended up in 6th place.

Altador Cup VII was a new format, and whether it would help Tyrannia or not was debatable. They had a mixed bag of success and failure over the first few matches, alternating from pulling off sweeps to being the ones being swept. They began to hit their stride in the second and third rounds of the tournament, before the fourth round forsaw their collapse. However, despite their lower 10th place finish, they proved they were still strong, and the spirit of the "Forsaken Five" lives on.

In the preparation for Altador Cup VIII they exchanged Goalkeepers with Team Moltara, therefore gaining the strength of Mor Gollog. The team spirit that year was never better and the mechanism functionated like an oiled machine. Already soon in the competition they proved themself even worthy for the title. As the time went on their only rival for the Cup was Altador, in the decisive match between them, Mor Gollog proved himself of great value and reassured the Cup for Team Tyrannia. An impressive achievement that no one saw coming. But Loryche was always sure of to be possible.

The expactations were low for Tyrannia at the start of Altador Cup IX. Over the past six years, winning teams were tormented by the "Winners Curse" the year after their grand victory. Team Tyrannia however fought hard and shocked the world of Yooyuball. They were able to compete with the favorites, breaking through their "unbeated" status. Unfortunately Tyrannia simply wasn't good enough but still managed to finish 4th in a tie with Darigan Citadel. Their top 5 position was proof that Tyrannia is in fact the first team ever who doesn't suffer the Winners Curse.

Having proved themselves above the Winner's Curse and a new powerhouse team, with a string of impressive placements under their belts, the pressure was on for Team Tyrannia to keep it up in Altador Cup X. Much to the delight of fans, Team Tyrannia was able to live up to the challenge, being unrelentingly brutal to any team that challenged them, and having given Kreludor a run for its money, actually managed to improve their scores slightly and returned to the podium in 3rd.

Altador Cup XI showed that, despite the chaos brought about by the "multiple account disorder" scandal, Team Tyrannia would continue to operate at the same level of excellence that they had established by Altador Cup VIII. Having excelled in every single bracket, and dominating much of the final bracket, Team Tyrannia really stepped up to the plate and showed everyone that they were not going to be a team that rose to glory and simply dropped off. Showing their consistency, dedication, and toughness, Team Tyrannia improved yet again to place 2nd.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Harlis Neyhbol "Scrap" Taggert Wila Benne Loryche Evrem Guilako
Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2007 Harlis Neyhbol "Scrap" Taggert Wila Benne Loryche Evrem Guilako
2010 Elbin Kroe
2011 "Spikes" Barmie
2013 Mor Gollog

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 11th
2007 11th
2008 11th
2009 8th
2010 10th
2011 6th
2012 10th
2013 1st
2014 4th (tie)
2015 3rd
2016 2nd