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Team Faerieland's line up in 2014 - featuring, from top, left to right, Elbin Kroe, Valtonous Rea, Delma Harrence, Broan, and Kakoni Worrill.

In 2006, Faerieland's Yooyuball team featured one of the most potent offensive attacks in the game, consisting of three forwards, making for one of the biggest stories going into the Altador Cup. Their trio of quick, undersized forwards had a tendency to wear down against larger and more physical opponents, however, and their fans were stunned when they were defeated by such forwards from Mystery Island in Round 1.

In 2007, Faerieland decided to switch back to two forwards, adding defender Elbin Towse, who showed vast improvement in practice and then in the regular season the past year, moving Faerieland up to 15th place in Altador Cup II. In 2008, Ciona Broan was added to replace Elbin for her tough tackling. Unfortunately, they didn't improve, but they did remain 15th. With no changes they returned for the next year, however, the hype didn't quite help Faerieland, giving it last place in Altador Cup IV. Thus the expectations for Faerieland weren't too high in 2010 as they again made no roster changes. However they did improve, getting 15th place out of 18, rather than 15th out of 16th and winning eight Yooyuball games, more than ever before.

Once Altador Cup VI came around, coupled with new uniform colours, things continued to remain unchanged, despite adding Left Forward Elbin Kroe from Tyrannia. They floated around the fourth tier for nearly the entire time, then lost to Lost Desert and won against Kiko Lake to finish 15th.

Despite Altador Cup VII's new format, it did nothing to change Faerieland's collapsing fortunes. The team was stuck in a rut for the entire time; they couldn't even keep being swept on two of the four occasions they faced Moltara. Likewise, when pit against tougher teams, they crumbled. With a win-loss-draw ratio of 6-74-6, it was no surprise that they fell to last place, tying for the position with Altador.

No one was surprised when Faerieland was at the bottom of Altador Cup VIII and Altador Cup IX once again. Ranking respectively 16th and 17th. However, there still is hope. In AC VIII, Altador made it 2nd and in AC IX, Moltara made it 3rd. So perhaps there is hope for Faerieland in the near future.

Altador Cup X wasn't quite much of the same song and dance of previous years, but they managed to climb up ever so slightly to 13th place, a placing that was surprisingly still Team Faerieland's best. Despite their generally weak late-tournament performances, their initially strong performances against weaker teams of the tournament like Haunted Woods and Moltara offered them a little boost in the rankings, allowing them to narrowly edge out Brightvale for the spot. However, the team would need to improve far more than just 13th if they were going to be taken seriously.

Team Faerieland's number finally came in with Altador Cup XI, where the team, despite initial struggles, finally began to take off. By the fourth round of play, Faerieland's scores had reached record highs, and the team that had spent its entire existence as little more than a joke had finally made a name for itself with key victories in the final two rounds. Thanks to their incredible performance by the end of the tournament, Team Faerieland had achieved a tie for 4th place with Meridell.


Faerieland logo.gif

Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Centre Defender Left Forward Centre Forward Right Forward
2006 Valtonous Rea Delma Harrence Babolino Kakoni Worrill Palia Alback
2007 Elbin Towse
Year Goalkeeper Right Defender Left Defender Right Foward Left Forward
2008 Valtonous Rea Ciona Broan Delma Harrence Kakoni Worrill Babolino
2011 Elbin Kroe

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 16th
2007 15th
2008 15th
2009 16th
2010 15th
2011 15th
2012 17th (tie)
2013 16th
2014 17th
2015 13th
2016 4th (tie)


  • Team Faerieland has had two members named Elbin, although never in the same year.