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Helmo Timm 2006.gif

Helmo Timm is a Brown Peophin and was the Left Forward for Kiko Lake's Yooyuball team in 2006 and 2007. Helmo also played for Kiko Lake in 2008; however, she was unable to participate in Altador Cup III after she was trapped in a cave by a landslide along with the rest of her team. Helmo was permanently replaced by her backup, Holbie Pinnock, in 2009.

Although a she is a very poor tackler, Helmo is a fast and a proficient scorer with excellent leadership skills. Unfortunately, she is also known to be injury prone.

In 2006, Helmo injured her leg during a league match that took place right before Altador Cup I. Because of this, Helmo's backup, Holbie Pinnock, was scheduled to take her place during the tournament. However, just days before the tournament began, Holbie went down with an injury of his own. Not wanting her team to play shorthanded for the rest of the tournament, Helmo convinced the team's doctor to let her play despite her injury.


  • Helmo was nominated for the Best Sportsmanship award in 2006.