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Lawyerbot in his typical work clothes.
Lawyerbot in his actual form.
Lawyerbot is a member of The Neopets Team who keeps the site safe for all Neopians. According to Neopian folklore, he is the only known lawyer that works for Neopets and protects Neopets from lawsuit. Likewise, he also goes after scammers and hackers and tries to bring them to justice under the full extent of the law. He is usually depicted as a robot wearing a green and red polka dot bow tie, but was drawn as a person during the 2006 Altador Cup. The original Lawyerbot is no longer a member of The Neopets Team, however a new lawyer has taken up the role.

Lawyerbot is well-known for his obsession with Usuki dolls, which he collects and has written poems about. His Neopets gallery contains Usukis, the tools of his trade, his favorite clothing, all things robotic, and Dr. Sloth merchandise.

April 15, 2011, was Lawyerbot Appreciation Day.

Daily Dare[edit]

Main article: Daily Dare 2011

During Daily Dare 2011, Lawyerbot was a participant in the staff competition as part of the team Star and Order. He and his partner Comastar defeated their opponent The Team Your Team Could Smell Like in the game Wingoball with an average of 1040.8 points.

Altador Cup[edit]

In 2006, Lawyerbot participated in the Altador Cup staff tournament for Team Brightvale. He lost to Mr. Insane in the first round. In 2010, he defeated Comastar and Pie, but lost to SenorMalo in the semi-finals.


  • The name of Lawyerbot's Usukiboy Usul, Accidentes, is a reference to real-world ambulance chasers. However, on his pet lookup, he claims his legs are too short to literally chase ambulances.
  • His Usukigirl Usul, FrivolousLawsuit, is actually male.(It was because the labray scientist in battle dome zapped the usul from female to male.)

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