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Friday, 12 August
Name Thomas
Born 1989 (24 Years Old)
Country England
Edits 1,565

Current Status
Somewhat active

Working on
Nothing in paricular right now


I've been a member of Neopets for more than 12 years and been a member of the Neodex for 2½. I started editing here because I saw the location articles were in dire need of some improvement and being an editor on the English Wikipedia for some time I felt I could confidently bring them into line with some of the other better articles on the site. Needless to say, it got me improving other articles and editing here in general on and off.

There was a long period of downtime on the site where we couldn't edit which I urged Blue (forum admin) to contact Kym so we could work on getting it up and running once again. After a few weeks and a couple of tweaks the Neodex was up and running again and I started to edit once more. Shortly after, I got promoted to sysop in November 2013.

Thanks to Wikipedia users Halibutt and Blankfaze for layout inspiration