The Four Faeries

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The Four Faeries are the only NeoQuest II boss group with 4 enemies in it. They are also the only bosses in Chapter 4 of NeoQuest II that are not Neopian characters. In combination, they receive a high magic user rating with a total of 3,450 hp in normal mode. Their group contains...

The Faeries[edit]

Dark Faerie[edit]

750 hp in normal mode, Mesmerization, Ally Group Haste, Enemy Slowing, rates as a high medium magic user.

Fire Faerie[edit]

600 hp in normal mode, Enemy Direct Damage, Enemy Group Damage,medium magic user.

Water Faerie[edit]

900 hp in normal mode, Ally Group Healing, Ally Individual Healing, medium magic user.

Earth Faerie[edit]

1,200 hp in normal, Critical Hits, Stunning Strikes, does not have magic rating.

Results of Victory[edit]

Beating the Faeries causes Balthazar's Grove to revert to the true, rotten nature of the Haunted Woods, frees the road to the Esophagor, and breaks the spell the Faeries placed on Balthazar.

Battle Speeches[edit]

Opening speech[edit]

The Faeries gaze at you as you approach. You shout, "Zhadramekel!" and the Faeries start screaming in terror, as if burned. Suddenly, they each grow to twenty times their normal size. They're now as big as you are... and they're attacking!

Flee speech[edit]

The Faeries shrink back down to their normal size as you run away. "Balthazar is ours!" they scream in unison.

Victory speech[edit]

The faeries shrink back to their normal size. "You were a fool to try and defeat us!"

Defeated Speech[edit]

The Faeries each shrink to their normal size as they die, and suddenly their tiny bodies all vanish in an eyeblink. Balthazar shakes his head and sniffs the air, as the trees around you begin to change and wither. Within moments, Balthazar's Grove has become its normal, evil self, no longer enchanted by happiness.

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