Fallen Angel

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The Fallen Angel is an evil faerie that has demon-like horns and wings and a red pointed tail. She is the first boss in Faerieland portion of the game NeoQuest II. Players must defeat her to reach the Underclouds.

NeoQuest II[edit]

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King Terask sent the Fallen Angel to block the way to the Bridge of Mist and the Underclouds in order to prevent reinforcements from reaching the Faerie City. While there, she appeared to Guardsman Kosec in a dream, urging him to betray his friends. Kosec was so frightened by this dream that he decided to hide himself away in the Northern Watchtower.

Fallen Angel
M5025 e3489.gif HP:
1,200Easy · 1,500Medium · 1,800Hard
  • Renew - Heals 150 HP
  • Stunning Strikes - Stuns one party member
  • Spellbind - Stuns one party member
  • Shockwave - Stuns all party members
  • 2 weapons / armor
  • 3,000 Gold
NP Reward:
1,000 NP

Opening Dialogue:

The Fallen Angel laughs, her voice a crystal note in the air. "You truly think you can get past me?" she says. "At least you will provide an interesting challenge, after all the puny faeries I've already killed since I came back to this place." She crouches, then leaps at you!

Flee Dialogue:

The Fallen Angel soars into the air as you run away. "You can't escape that easily, fool," she calls after you. "You won't see me coming next time."

Defeat Dialogue:

The Fallen Angel approaches slowly as you collapse to the cloudy ground. "A brave warrior, but ultimately insignificant. And too late to save Faerieland. So long!" The world fades to black...

Victory Dialogue:

The Fallen Angel cries out in anguish as the final strike lands. Her wings shrivel and her skin turns to ash, revealing a dark, skeletal, evil form. The shape falls through a gap in the clouds and bursts into flame, finally crashing into the ocean far below. The way before you lies open now, and in the distance you see something rising through the clouds: the Bridge of Mist.