The Miner Foreman

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The Miner Foreman is the first boss in NeoQuest II and is found in Meridell. He is an optional boss and players conscious of beating the game speedily often skip straight to Zombom. An undead Kacheek, the Foreman has 50 HP and uses physical attacks only.

He is found deep in the Dark Cave in the Western Plains, north of the village of Trestin. He stands in front of a teleporter leading to the start of the mine.

Miner Foreman
M1008 4f897.gif HP:
50Easy · 62Medium · 75Hard
  • Rusty Chain Tunic
  • Healing Flask
NP Reward:
100 NP

Opening Dialogue:

The miner foreman says, "These halls were not meant for the living... so we'll have to make sure you aren't living any more!

Flee Dialogue:

The miner foreman shouts after you, "You can't escape forever, coward! There's no place to run!

Defeat Dialogue:

You should never have come down here, foolish mortal! This place was abandoned for good reason!

Victory Dialogue:

The miner foreman screams, "Noooooo..." as he fades into nothingness. Suddenly, the oppressive darkness of the mine relents, and everything becomes a bit brighter. The ghosts and skeletons infesting the mine have all vanished, released from their torment by the death of the foreman! Behind where the foreman stood, you see a magic teleportation orb. It looks like it will send you back to the entrance of the mines.