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Siliclast is a large rock golem shaped like a Skeith. He is the first boss in the Lost Desert portion of the game NeoQuest II. He holds the Celestial Talisman that is needed to find the Medallion of Wind.

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Siliclast is located on the second floor of the Temple of the Sky, guarding the Celestial Talisman. He was mostly likely sent there by Anubits in order to prevent Princess Vyssa from obtaining the talisman.

M3025 6e4b4.gif HP:
500Easy · 625Medium · 750Hard
  • Rampant Acceleration - 38% haste
  • Infestation - 44 HP group damage
  • Dormancy - 44% slow
  • Celestial Talisman
  • 3 weapons / armor
  • 5 Potions of Potent Health
  • 2,500 Gold
NP Reward:
600 NP

Opening Dialogue:

Siliclast, a stout rock golem, looks at you balefully as you approach. He says nothing, but a deep rumbling sound emanates from him as he prepares to strike!

Flee Dialogue:

Siliclast stares after you, unmoving, as you flee!

Defeat Dialogue:

Siliclast's eyes dim a little as you fall to the ground. He says nothing, but stares at you, motionless, as darkness takes you...

Victory Dialogue:

Siliclast shudders, and after a moment pieces of his stone body start flaking off. Seconds later, he begins to rumble even louder, and larger pieces crumble to the ground. After a few seconds he is nothing more than a pile of rubble. In the middle of the pile, you see a dull gleam -- the Celestial Talisman!