The Faerie Thief

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"Fighting to the death was never my style."

The Faerie Thief is a boss character in the game NeoQuest II. Rohane and his party first learn about her from the Light Faerie Lucina, who talks about a thief in command of the Dark Faerie rebellion in Faerieland. She must be defeated in order to break the magical ward she has placed on the Faerie Palace that keeps it sealed.

Rohane must fight her three times. She is first encountered upstairs in the inn to the right of Lucina, but will flee when her hit points get too low and hide somewhere else in the city. After this encounter, Lucina tells Rohane that she saw her flying into the west side of the city. She can be seen inside a building with no doors - to reach it, Rohane must go via a basement in the adjacent building. Again, she will flee after her hit points get too low, and Lucina will note that this time she headed north.

Rohane will find her for the last time in front of the Palace doors. She will not flee from this fight, and when defeated, whispers that she has been released from "his" - King Terask's - grasp. She explains that the towers in the Palace are locked and Rohane will need the keys (carried by the Pant Devils, before falling through a hole in the clouds into the ocean below. The wards on the Palace disappear and Rohane may enter,

She has 1,200 HP, 1,500 HP, and 1,800 HP on Normal, Evil, and InSaNe! difficulties respectively - between every fight, she will completely restore all her health. She has the Astral Maelstrom group damage power, and can perform stunning and critical hits. She is resistant to the heroes' critical attacks.