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Rohane wearing his golden armour.

Rohane is a White Blumaroo who is the main character of the game NeoQuest II. He is the captain of a spaceship that is being sent toward the sun.

Plot summary[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Rohane lives in a town named Trestin with his mother in a simulation of Meridell. In the Meridell simulation, Rohane is set on a quest to find Ramtor, the mastermind of the harsh creatures that appear in the simulation land. He travels through the other simulations (Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods, and Faerieland) to solve issues that led to the lock down of the party's simulation room.

Rohane appears to be a warrior type of character in NeoQuest II.

NeoQuest II[edit]

Rohane has the highest max HP in the game and generally does the most damage in the later part of the game.


Every time a character levels up they get one skill point to spend on skills. A characters stops levelling up at level 60 and each skill maxes out with 15 skill points. The more skill points spent in a certain skill, the more powerful that skill. A player may choose to max out 4 different skills with 15 points each, or may spread their skill points over more skills.

Critical Attacks

Every attack Rohane does has a chance of doing more damage. This ability is popular, as it can turn Rohane into the offensive machine he can be. Damage increase is often maxed before this; however, because damage increase will increase Rohane's average damage, as opposed to critical attacks, which only lets Rohane occasionally attack for more than average.

Damage Increase

This is pretty self explanatory, adding a skill point increases the average amount of damage Rohane does when he attacks. This skill is usually considered critical for developing Rohane as a fighter, and skill points are often spent in Damage Increase early in the game.

Combat Focus

A casting spell that decreases the amount of damage Rohane takes when attacked; however, it also decreases the damage that Rohane does. This skill is not popular because it increases the length of battles since he deals less damage. It's mostly used in conjunction with Battle Taunt.

Stunning Strikes

This skill occasionally stuns the monster that Rohane attacks for a few seconds. Consequently, the characters the player controls have more turns.

Battle Taunt

Using this casting skill causes opponents to attack Rohane more often than other characters. As Rohane has the most Hit Points of the group, this can be useful to protect Mipsy or Velm from dying. This is often, but not always, used in conjunction with Combat Focus.

Innate Magic Resistance

Decreases the amount of damage that magical attacks do to Rohane. Some players shy away from this skill as Rohane is not usually a defensive character.

Innate Melee Haste

Rohane has less of a delay between turns. so he gets to take a turn more often. More turns is always profitable, so many consider this is a decent skill to have in most situations.

Victory Quotes[edit]

Rohane occasionally has a victory shout to say after winning a battle.

  • "Justice prevails again!"
  • "Our enemies fall before us!"
  • "We emerge victorious!"


Rohane's appearance changes several times throughout the course the game. His clothes depend on the type of armor he is equipped with. The earliest times they can be unlocked are listed below.

Nqii rohane1.gif Nqii rohane2.gif Nqii rohane3.gif Nqii rohane4.gif
When to unlock
N/A Act 1 Act 2 Act 5


  • Rohane is featured in two stamps in the NeoQuest II collection and one plushie. He also has his own Battledome item called Rohane's Armour Polish, one of the prizes for defeating Normal mode.
  • In the cutscenes, Rohane appears to be a White Blumaroo.
  • Rohane's How to Draw tutorial was released on August 9, 2004.

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