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King Terask is a giant, monstrous, red Draik in NeoQuest II who has taken over Faerieland.

Plot Summary[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

This is the final boss in the last part of NeoQuest II, Faerieland. The ship, in reality, is only a few hours away from the sun. In the simulation, Faerieland has been invaded and the Dark Faeries have rebelled. This boss has usurped Queen Fyora, and is holding her captive. In order to reach him, you must first fully defeat The Faerie Thief to enter the palace, and then beat each of the 2 Pant Devils (each has part of the key to Terask). After defeating him once, the player has to face him again at the end of the game as the final boss. He is apparently the main virus that has taken control of the ship's computers as once he is defeated the heroes are finally able to leave the simulation booths.

NeoQuest II[edit]

The first time users fight him, he has 2,500 hp, is an very high magic user with many abilities, including Celestial Hammer (stun 3 s. +45 hp d.), Damage Shields, Self Hasting, Self Healing, and Protection of Infinity.

He returns as the final boss as King Terask (MK. II), resurrected stronger than before. He now has 5,000 hp on Normal Mode 7500 on Evil Mode, and 10000 on Insane Mode, and is an extreme magic user, with Mesmerization, Enemy Group Damage, Self Healing, Damage Shield, Protection of Infinity, Celestial Hammer (3 s. stun + 45 hp d.), Self Hasting, and Enemy Slowing. Also possesses Shockwave, Stunning, and Slowing Strikes. His nastiest ability however, is that fleeing from him is impossible, so the player either wins or loses from him.

Battle Speeches[edit]

Opening Speech

King Terask watches you approach. Hatred burns in his eyes. "So, you are the puny little weaklings who have caused so much trouble. I should have known better than to let my minions try to defeat you -- I should have hunted you down myself. But now you've come right to me... and you'll never escape. Let's see what you've got." He roars, an ear-splitting noise, and rushes at you!

Defeat Speech

King Terask is knocked off-balance, and stumbles back, grunting in pain. "No... this... not supposed..." He crashes into a wall, and breaks through it, falling into the clouds below. A golden key lies on the floor where he stood. You pick it up, and notice a teleportation orb in an alcove.


  • King Terask was also released as a shopkeeper.